Paul Everest, the man who likes to push buttons, tells us how the viral hit of the Froot Loops girl came to be after the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau tried to have him cancelled.

Unit Clothing became one of the biggest action sports brands, and 2 major campaigns were the reason it blew up so incredibly quickly.

The first campaign was the Fruit Loops bath.

While seemingly fairly tame by anyone’s standards, it hit a raw nerve with plenty of old fogies who had nothing better to do, than to complain to the Advertising Bureau.

Those complaints became the best thing that Unit could never have paid for. The amount of coverage that came from the complaint far surpassed the advertising budget that would have been allocated to it.

Who is able to pay for prime time news across all channels, every time a hint of extra news came to pass?

Whether Paul intentionally wanted to push the buttons that hard to receive so much coverage and really almost 0 backlash, has to be one of the best plays he could have had.

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