This is the ultimate page to build your own FMX bike!

Levi joined the Riders Lounge Podcast to detail absolutely everything that went into his latest FMX bike build which achieved something he set out to do, having parts which allowed Jayo Archer and Harry Bink to land the Triple Flip from a Moon Booter at Nitro World Games.

This bike is 85 kilograms wet! That means with fuel, oils and fluids it is almost 20kg lighter than a normal bike!

Chapters are below, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!


00:00:00 Intro
00:13:00 Comparison of Levi’s Custom bike versus a KTM or other Motorcycle brand
00:18:35 Breakdown of sections we will look at
00:18:50 Engine & Exhaust
00:25:26 History lesson and inspiration on Exhaust Design with Horst Leitner’s KTM in 1980’s
00:28:48 Balancing the bike left to right. Exhaust layout and removing 1 radiator.
00:32:42 Gearbox (single speed!)
00:41:03 Carburettor
00:44:00 Spark Plug / Fuel / Reed Valves
00:50:02 Frame (also talking about 3D Printing and printing 24 hours a day)
00:59:44 Swingarm & PDS Shock which helped reduce Wheelbase. Without Linkage.
01:04:25 Wheel size
01:07:33 Tires (wall thickness, size, brand)
01:10:50 Front Forks (Air or Oil/Spring)
01:15:01 Triple Clamps
01:17:31 Brakes
01:19:03 Fuel Tank (fully custom and cool location)
01:23:31 Air Filter
01:29:15 Ergonomics – Seat / Handlebars / Pegs / Seat Grab for FMX
01:33:44 Plastics / Fenders / Graphics / Bodywork
01:35:09 Subframe (Sideplates and Seat are one piece)
01:45:27 Flip Levers
01:48:12 Foot Hooks (left and right side)
01:48:49 Gear Shifter
01:52:54 Steering Dampener (stabiliser)
01:58:48 Gearing (sprockets and chains)
02:03:09 Grip Tape
02:05:46 Why build your own custom FMX bike?
02:07:51 What’s next for Levi Sherwood?
02:08:43 Triple Flip – What does Levi think?
02:12:54 The reason to use Carbon Fibre even if it breaks easily
02:16:42 Unit Skycraft inspiration and differences
02:20:48 Studying old bike designs from 80s and 90s with new applications
02:23:52 Why the Swingarm and Triple clamps are 2 of the more important changes in FMX
02:30:55 Next Gen ramp and why Levi designed it. BigAirBag’s Double Flips, Front Flips and Future

This is truly one of the biggest things the sport of FMX has seen and we can’t wait to see how the innovation from this bike translates into future progression!

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