Edgar Torronteras – I have no filter

What was planned for a quick 5 minute voice message for the X Games review series, turned into a full blown interview with the legend of Freestyle Motocross, a man who epitomised the sport, before it was even ‘a thing’. We talk with none other than ET, Edgar Torronteras.

Quarter Pipe: X Games 2021 Review 6/6

Beating Axell Hodges on his home turf, Colby Raha broke the X Games record for Quarter Pipe Highest Air by sending his Husky 40 feet 9 inches to claim the Gold Medal in the 2021 competition, relegating Axell to a Silver medal.

Best Trick: X Games 2021 Review 5/6

It’s time for the big one!  Best Trick is the event we wait for every year to see what everyone has been working on, and after last years hiatus, I think it’s fair to assume everyone was really looking forward to this event since the guys had effectively 2 years to hone their tricks!

And it looked like only David Rinaldo was willing to bring something completely new to the game with his new body varial, called the Bobby Spin

X Games 2021 Best Whip : Review 3/6

The motocross discipline which measures style over anything else, returned to X Games 2021 with Best Whip and there was a huge shake-up in the results with surprise eliminations and a very deserving winner!
Tom Parsons brought the heat with some of the biggest whips ever done on a dirt bike, and he took the win over Wanky (Genki Watanabe) who has some of the best Turn Down whips as well

X Games 2021 FMX : Review 2/6

From Luc’s incredible win, to Sheeny’s impressive run, Adelberg’s mistake that cost him potentially a win and David Rinaldo landing an all new trick!  Bink and Benny Richards took dirt samples and couldn’t finish and Taka was perfect like always and Jacko made some big mistakes which we didn’t expect! X Games had it all!!!

X Games invitations released! FMX / Moto Summer 2021 : FMX News

It’s finally official.  X Games is back for 2021!  July 14-18th and the Moto will be held at Axell Hodges’ compound, Slayground!

New Riders.  New Location.  New Discipline.

Plenty of old guys! A few big names missing, and a few big surprises as well!

Nate Adams – Deft Family & Life after FMX

Nate Adams won everything there is to win in Freestyle Motocross, and at the same time he was focused 100% on FMX progression, he began a glove-only brand called Deft Family which was revolutionary at the time.

We catch up with ‘The Destroyer’ to find out how he was able to continue to be the man to beat at the top of his sport, while learning all new skills in business, marketing, logistics and trying to get the feel out of his glove that he had striven for in the beginning.