Adelberg creates history at X Games 2022 with Frontie to Frontie – Full Review of Moto X

History has been made in X Games Moto this year with Jacko Strong landing the first ever 110ft Front Flip, before Rob Adelberg bested it with the first ever Front Flip to Front Flip in a line (Next Gen ramp into 110ft ramp) to blow everyone’s mind.

Guillem Navas broke the Quarter Pipe Highest Air record on his first jump of the competition but by the end of the comp, Colby Raha set a new record of 49 feet 0 inches!

And Julien Vanstippen just unleashed one of the biggest whips we’ve ever seen on a 110ft ramp by going completely upside down, inside out and back to front!

Bananaface returns to preview X Games 2022

With X Games 2022 just around the corner, Edgar Torronteras joins to talk about who’s in, who’s out and where the hell did his invite get sent too for this years event, because his name is again, not on the list!

We talk about all the disciplines from Freestyle Moto (or is it Freeride?), Best Trick, Best Whip, Quarter Pipe Highest Air and 110s

Sit back, relax and enjoy the craziness that is, the man, the myth, the legend, Edgar ‘bananaface’ Torronteras

You can grab yourself the rare ‘Bananaface’ T-shirt right here after Edgar requested it during the 4th attempt at recording.

Watch the Full Video Podcast here:

Edgar Torronteras:

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Freestyle of Nations 2022 wrap-up

NIGHT of the JUMPs returned for 2022 with the Freestyle of Nations in Munich and Cologne with almost back to back events after a couple of years in Covid-19 limbo and we wrap-up both events with this short, sharp podcast!
Firstly we cover Munich with the World Team vs Team Czech vs Team France. Huge crashes, some controversial decisions I thought, but one hell of a return for the season.

And the second event held in Cologne just last weekend was between Team Germany vs Spain vs Italy. And with some of the best riders having only 2 hours sleep, they still threw down like you would have never known!

Robbie Maddison – Face your fears. Live your dreams!

James Bond’s stunt man and one of the greatest action sports athletes of all time has joined to talk all things FMX.  But the spotlight isn’t on Robbie Maddison, the man who has broken so many World Records, but actually his young 11 year old son, Kruz Maddison.

Kai Haase – FMX Star rides AMA Supercross Anaheim 1!

What does it take to achieve your childhood dream?

Kai Haase just took the best from his 2021 season riding every damn 2-wheel discipline he could and amplified it by x1000 as he rode in his first ever Monster Energy AMA Supercross event, and not just any old round, but the biggest one!  ANAHEIM 1 

Are we finally going back to normal? FMX News January 2022

A new year, new events, new bikes and way more news from the Freestyle Motocross world in 2022.
Funnily enough, I didn’t even bother to check my emails but the Riders Lounge Podcast has been shortlisted on the Sports Podcast Awards a couple of weeks ago.