Next Generation ramp plans designed by Levi Sherwood

Next Gen versus old 9m radius ramp
(front) Old 9 metre radius ramp (behind) NEW – Next Gen Ramp!

Levi Sherwood, one of the greatest ever FMX riders has created what he called the Next Generation ramp for 75ft.

It is basically taking the idea of the 9 metre Aussie Comp ramp and jabbing it with steroids to make this colossus of a ramp.

What can you do with this ramp?

  • Soar like an eagle
  • Hold backflip tricks for so much longer
  • Front Flips (without a cheater ramp)
  • Double Backflips
  • Whip‘s can get upside down even easier

All this on the same ramp?

Previously, you needed to have a Super Kicker for Double Flips.. and a cheater ramp for Front Flips (unless you were bonkers like Jacko Strong or Rob Adelberg off a normal ramp).

Now, you can do it all from the one new standard ramp.

DIRT LANDING SPECS – Minimum for the Next Gen ramp to feel good and safety

All credit goes to Levi Sherwood for creating, designing, testing and ultimately making this ramp available for everyone.

Levi has given permission for you to download these plans and build it exactly as described.

Want the plans printed and hanging in your shed?

Wall Canvas – 16″ x 20″ for the Garage…. (or pool room!)

You can grab your own canvas here:

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Riders Lounge Podcast Merch – Time for the NEXT GENeration

Listen to the man directly, talking about why he developed the Next Gen ramp and also his new bike building, and why he retired early!


Watch the last 20 minutes of this full podcast video where we talk about the Next Gen ramp! If you want to hear about this bike.. watch the full video.