8 Metre radius ramp – Standard European FMX Ramp

This is the standard “8m ramp” you will find at almost every Euro FMX riders house, competition or show.


  • Standard ramp throughout Europe
  • Designed for 21 metre jump distance (or 69 feet)
  • Nice and poppy
  • When you pull for a flip, it feels like you just go straight into a flip trick without any problems at all!
  • Almost every rider has one
  • Almost every FMX show or competition in Europe will have 1 of these ramps! So be prepared


  • Old design – new ramps like Next Gen could see the Euro 8m become obsolete in the future. But that’s a long way into the future I think! So not really a ‘con’
  • Designed for only about 21-23 metre jump distance. Any bigger and the ramp starts to feel too short to enjoy hitting it with any extra speed. You just go to the moon and but doesn’t feel nice along the way.

So why did the Euro’s go with 8m radius?

Lack of space pretty much…

The 8 metre radius came out a little bit after Brooksy first developed the original 9.1 metre ‘Aussie Comp’ which was designed for 80ft (24 metres).

But the 9.1 metre ramp requires more run-up, longer jump, flatter landing, more run-off at the end.

The 8m ramp can fit into a tighter space and gives a nice pop for all of your tricks anyway.

NIGHT of the JUMPs led the way with the 8 metre radius ramp in smaller European arena’s

Sourced from NIGHT of the JUMPs. Build at your own risk.


  • This design was created as a 4-piece ramp. The most important thing is to look at the Length / Height / Radius, if you don’t want to build it in 4 pieces.
  • Everyone has different surfaces. Mesh is widely recognised as the best option. If you don’t want to use plywood sheets, then it would be recommended to add a few lines of 40×40 RHS to go up the centre of the ramp to prevent the mesh from bending and flexing over the ramps lifetime.