9 Metre radius ramp plans – Standard FMX Ramp (Aussie Comp updated)

If you’re serious about FMX, this will be the first real ramp you want to have built in your back yard. This ramp is the most used design in the world, and almost every rider will have one at their compound, or you’ll find them at almost every event in all corners of the world.


  • Standard ramp around the world
  • Designed for 23 metre jump (or 75 feet)
  • Nice balance of float and pop
  • Almost every rider has one
  • Almost every FMX Competition around the world will have one of these ramps.


  • Can be mistaken for older ramp plans (which were the original Aussie Comp plans at 9.1m radius)
  • Old Aussie comp ramp was great for over 80ft jumps, so just make sure if you’re after the ‘new’ 9m radius, you download this file
9m FMX Ramp is the world standard

So why are there 2x 9 metre radius ramps?

When FMX was born, there were no ramp plans. Everyone was hitting dirt jumps which were different every time, and riders were looking for a standard ramp plan.

The American’s who started FMX had a plethora of different designs at the very start, and so it was hard to find a standard design.

In the end, Trevor ‘Brooksy’ Brooks developed his own ramp plans in about the year 2000/01 which was groundbreaking at the time. Utilising a constant radius which had not been seen yet.

FreeriderMX Magazine released the plans and it completely changed the FMX Landscape. We were all out building new ramps and so many more riders could actually train on good equipment.

Times are a-changing

But those plans are now 20 years old, and FMX has moved on, and what riders expect from a ramp has changed.

Enter the updated version of that ramp, and riders wanted more pop. They wanted a smoother ramp for backflip combos, and perhaps something easier for everyone to remember when they are building it.

Enter the 9 metre radius updated ramp!

This ramp is in use in almost every major FMX competition. If you are serious about FMX, this is the design you need to build. There is no point stuffing around with older ramp plans, when this is what you will see at other locations.

A huge thank you goes to Fly Group from Spain, in particular Martin and Patxi for helping to supply these ramp plans, and Maikel Melero for helping to make it happen. Fly Group created the plans when building the Red Bull X-Fighters course many years ago and they were happy for all FMX riders to build the new standard so we all move together in one direction.