Next Gen designed by Levi Sherwood

Freestyle Motocross is in a massive stage of evolution, and one piece of the puzzle is having the right ramps to help riders push the sport into the future.

Next Gen versus old 9m radius ramp
(front) Old 9 metre radius ramp (behind) NEW – Next Gen Ramp!

Levi Sherwood, one of the greatest ever FMX riders has created what he called the Next Generation ramp for 75ft.

It is basically taking the idea of the 9 metre Aussie Comp ramp and jabbing it with steroids to make this colossus of a ramp.

What can you do with this ramp?

  • Soar like an eagle
  • Hold backflip tricks for so much longer
  • Front Flips (without a cheater ramp)
  • Double Backflips
  • Whip‘s can get upside down even easier

All this one the same ramp?

You needed to have a Super Kicker for Double Flips before.. or maybe a Moon Booter. Now, you can do it all from the one new standard ramp.

All credit goes to Levi Sherwood for creating, designing, testing and ultimately making this ramp available for everyone.