Freestyle Motocross is in a massive stage of evolution, and one piece of the puzzle is having the right ramps to help riders push the sport into the future.

Below is a list of different ramps that you will see in all different parts of the world.

Standard Ramps This is what every rider should have in their backyard as the stock ramp!

Special RampsIf you’ve got the skills, time to move on to new ramps to make FMX even more fun!

More designs will be added as they become available!

8 metre radius ramp
Standard European FMX Ramp

Found at almost every Euro FMX Compound and is the standard ramp in most events and competitions like the World Championships at NIGHT of the JUMPs

9 metre radius ramp

New standard Aussie Comp ramp (basically an upgrade of the 20 year old version!)

Thanks to Fly Group for the plans!

Front Flip ramp plans

Cheater ramp. Rocker ramp. Mechanised ramp. Whatever you want to call it.

This is for making front flips much easier!