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Best Trick Live Companion – Triple Flips landed in FMX Competition at Nitro World Games 2022. RLP x Clint Esposito Show

Nitro World Games 2022 produced the craziest Best Trick event we have seen since Travis Pastrana landed the Double Flip in 2006 X Games.

This time around, it would be not one, but two riders who would create FMX Competition history with Jayo Archer and Harry Bink going head to head to land the Triple Backflip for the first time in a comp.

Are we about to witness FMX History at Nitro World Games?! 2022 Riders List and what could we expect.

With Nitro World Games just a few days away, I wanted to give you the rider list before we are about to possibly witness history being made!

Will it be Jayo and Bink going at it for the Triple Backflip – first to be landed in Competition?  A trick only landed once by Sheeny?

Or will it be Clinton Moore on the 720?  Also only landed once by Travis Pastrana?  Only a guess, but hey… not a bad guess I think!

180ft dirt transfers and moon booters built out of dirt! Red Bull Imagination companion piece with Clint Esposito

The 2022 Red Bull Imagination competition went even bigger compared to the previous years!  Tyler Bereman and co built upon the past 2 years courses to produce something special and the crowning glory was Tyler sacking up and sending this huge 180 feet transfer jump which blew everyone’s minds!

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King of the Whip is back!

On the 19th of November 2022 this adrenaline fuelled Action Sports event moves to its new home in Montecasino. Witness top Motocross and Freestyle Motocross athletes battling it out to for a share of the prize purse and to see who’ll be crowned King of the Whip.

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