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Events are coming back! Freestyle of Nations returns w/ Pinyol & Huppert

To say it feels incredible to see events happening again would be an understatement.  To hear the cheering of the ecstatic Swiss crowd at NIGHT of the JUMPs in September was unbelievable and to witness the elation from the actual FMX and MTB riders who threw down on the night was even more impressive.

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FMX Unloaded – Luc Ackermann’s wild new video.

Reigning freestyle motocross world champion Luc Ackermann pulls out all the stops in FMX art for his new video project. His breathtaking journey starts on the containers of the Rhenus Port Logistics Rhine-Ruhr port in Duisburg. From there, the 23-year-old from Germany steers his 63-horsepower motocross bike over, under and between moving shipping containers and past container canyons, all the way down to a jump from a height of 10 meters into the hold of a cargo ship. Up the Rhine at full speed, Luc catapults himself from ship to ship with a tsunami backflip for his last big stunt in front of the towers of Cologne Cathedral and rightly goes into a frenzy of joy.

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