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Jayo Archer – a small tribute to one of the nice guys 2024

It is with the heaviest of hearts to write this, but Jayo Archer has passed away leaving a void impossible to fill for his friends, family and fans around the world.

While it is early news, we respect the wishes of friends and family and hope they are able to grieve easier without scrutiny during this terrible time.

All I can say right now is, he was one of the best guys I had met in Freestyle MX. His personality, attitude and positivity was infectious. He was so humble, easy to talk too with no ego associated with the level of success he had achieved and the limits he was pushing.

My thoughts are with his family and friends right now. This will be the toughest of times for them but to know that we all respected Jayo so much.

$40,000 for the First and (last time) Monster Energy Cup happened in 2011 / TBT

This truly was "Best Trick"! Only 1 jump for each rider, make it stick.

And whoever wins takes home $40,000.

Maybe that's why Monster Energy didn't bring this competition back again after the first year in 2011. It was too expensive for 1 jump!

This could be one of the best FMX competitions, but it only happened once!

Backflips from Rare DVD 'Flipped Out' with Carey Hart, Caleb Wyatt and Mike Metzger and the future

Clint Esposito and I delved into ‘Flipped Out,’ a moto video by Taublieb Films discussing the evolution of backflips in Freestyle Motocross (FMX). The video chronicles historic moments from Carey Hart to Mike Metzger’s advances, sparking a discussion about FMX’s future and inviting fan input.

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