Here it is! The Superkicker which delivers the right results!

There are a fair few different Superkicker plans getting around, but there is one key difference from old ones, constant radius’ and this plan right here:

There needs to be the nice flat end to make the Double much smoother to do.

We talk about the American ramps and how the 75ft was just not as good as the 9m radius or ‘Aussie Comp’ ramp, because of the flat ends.

Well, it turns out the FMX World realised on the Superkicker for a Double Flip, that’s exactly the secret sauce it needed.

You don’t need to debate it any more, just grab these plans for free and go send a couple of rotations into your new airbag or old foam pit!

Don’t believe us? Check out Sheeny and Luc Ackermann going for doubles at NOTJ
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