Cheater Ramp.

Front Flip Ramp..

Front Flip Rocker Ramp…

Whatever you want to call it. This ramp is one of the newer additions to FMX and it is becoming more and more recognised as a standard ramp in competition and just for anyone to have fun on and jump!

Because this actually has moving parts, this ramp completely changes your approach to riding it.

You can’t do a practise jump. You just have to hit it, and hope you get the right rotation on the first jump.

The most important thing is, to build this exactly the same as everyone else does.

Even being 1mm out on a measurement on the rocker could completely change the characteristics of this ramp.

And when you’re travelling from your home compound to compete across the other side of the world, you will want to know the ramps are as identical as possible!



  • You have to build this exactly as the plans say
  • The smallest mistake or wrong measurement will change the characteristics of the ramp
  • No practise jumps. If you are jumping it, you will be doing a front flip. So get ready for it.
  • Grab an airbag topper for your dirt landing. This will help with training on this ramp

A huge thank you goes to Fly Group from Spain, in particular Martin and Patxi for helping to supply these ramp plans, and Maikel Melero for helping to make it happen. Fly Group created the plans when building the Red Bull X-Fighters course many years ago and they were happy for all FMX riders to build the new standard so we all move together in one direction.

Maikel Melero – Front Flip No Hander

While you build your new ramp, why not tune in and listen to some of the best FMX riders talk bikes and ramps like Levi Sherwood in the latest Riders Lounge Podcast? Yeahhhh you know you’ve got more than 3 hours in the workshop!