Hosted by Freestyle Motocross Pro Rider, Steve Sommerfeld.

Delving deep into FMX, Motocross and Action Sports.

I never thought I would be in this position.

Travelling the world. Riding my dirt bike. Being labelled as an ‘athlete’ (not even close, haha!). Performing in front of thousands of fans. Hosting a Podcast with some of the most interesting human beings in the world.

Every step of the way on this journey in life, I’m constantly impressed with new stories from extraordinary people.

But deep down, we’re all the same. We all have the ability to do awesome things. Just, some of the people who I speak with on this podcast, do it within the Motocross or Action Sport world.

I am simply a kid from the bush, who loves to ride bikes. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m stoked to call some of the biggest stars in our industry friends, and get to know them quite well over the years.

So I decided, the Riders Lounge Podcast needed to be about talking to the top athletes across any of the disciplines. Chilled out, relaxed, having a Tannenzaepfle Beer from Rothaus to loosen them up and get the goss on their direction in life and how they got to the top of their profession!

Follow me on this adventure as we get some awesome stories from some true legends who push the limits every day!

Even more in-depth on this podcast!

Actually, the real reason behind this podcast even existing, is because a good friend of mine back home in Australia was trying to convince me over the years to start it.

And I thought it was a crazy idea!

My friend Joel made the point that, when I was travelling more, I should have already been doing a Podcast. Interviewing the riders that I was hanging out with while at different events. From meeting Felix Baumgartner (the guy who jumped from Space back to Earth!) and Ricky Carmichael and Ken Block (who I rode with at Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2017!)

I have been working with NIGHT of the JUMPs as their TV Host for many years now, so the hosting wasn’t a problem. I just never listened to a Podcast! And I didn’t think anyone in FMX, Motocross or Action Sports would even care. Why would you not just watch the videos and look at cool photos on Instagram?

After 2 years, Joel hit me up again. Telling me that Podcasts are so much more popular now. Why haven’t I started yet? This time I just said…

ahh.. why not?

And that was it. By January 2020, I decided to do it. Go and buy the recording equipment and give it a shot. What could I lose. Other than the money on equipment I guess…?

I also made a deal with my mate Joel. If I started my Podcast on Action Sports, he needed to start his own business.

Joel wasn’t exactly excited about his normal job, with a boss that made life difficult and where he wasn’t appreciated at all.

With some good fortune, he managed to get out of that job, start his own Home and Lawn Maintenance business which is basically working from home and going out to turn people’s backyards which are run-down into something you can be proud of. In a previous life, as a farmer as well, and then golf course greenskeeper, Joel is good at what he does and takes pride in his work.

So thank you so much to Joel for pushing me to start this Podcast.

If you live around the North of Brisbane in Australia, check out his Instagram page and see if he can look after your property.

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