For the first time, Levi Sherwood goes into the finest of details on his brand new fully custom hand-built FMX bike.

This small video covers just a section from 1. Engine and Exhaust.

For everything else including:

2. Frame

3. Ergonomics

4. Bodywork

5. FMX Specific

Watch the FULL VIDEO here:

So how did he build this bike?

Why did he build it?

How much Carbon-Fibre can one man really put into a bike?

And will we ever see anyone do a Triple Backflip on it, are probably the questions you’re asking yourself.

We cover all that and sooooo much more in this episode. I want to say a huge thank you to Levi for taking his time out to go into so much detail.

This is truly one of the biggest things the sport of FMX has seen and we can’t wait to see how the innovation from this bike translates into future progression!

Levi Sherwood:

Shogun Innovations:

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