Bananaface never ceases to amaze me.

One of the OG’s of FMX, Edgar basically started the sport! At least one of the very first originators back in the 90s

When I asked Edgar if he would like to join me on reviewing the most recent X Games 2021 Summer competition for Freestyle Moto, I just needed a few WhatsApp voice messages.

Edgar decided he had more to say.

This clip below is only one small snippet in our 2-hour chat on X Games and all things Moto.

So you’ll need to listen to that upcoming podcast to get the full context of what he says below.

But basically the question was:

With everything that happened in 2021 X Games due to Covid-19 and how the event ran, would you watch it again next year?

…. this was just a part of Edgar’s answer.


@edgartorronteras952 on latest podcast to review X Games 2021 and he didn't hold back! 😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻 ##rothaus ##tannenzäpfle

♬ original sound – Riders Lounge Podcast

But it did make me laugh… I love Edgar’s no bullshit attitude.

Hopefully we don’t see any more disruptions to X Games in 2022 and it goes back to normal. But it was also good to see them try something different this year!

Full ‘Overall Impression’ Review here:

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