We have the full list of invited riders for 2021 X Games Moto / FMX, and there are some surprises, but also on the other hand, no surprises.

But that is what has created some heated debate already, with Adam Jones needing to turn off his comments on one of his Instagram posts! Post is down below if you want to see what Adam said!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a few days, after one of our regular listener’s, let’s call him ‘John’ managed to find the secret list before it was officially released (even though publicly available). But, decided it was better to wait until the official press was made, so now it’s live, let’s go!

July 14 – 18

X Games Moto X Best Trick

X Games Moto X Freestyle

  • Luc Ackermann
  • Rob Adelberg
  • Harry Bink
  • Taka Higashino
  • Ben Richards
  • David Rinaldo
  • Josh Sheehan
  • Jackson Strong

X Games Moto X Best Whip

X Games Moto X Quarter Pipe High Air

X Games Moto X 110’s

  • Tyler Bereman
  • Pat Casey
  • Vicki Golden
  • Axell Hodges
  • Jarryd McNeil
  • Colby Raha
  • Jeremy Stenberg

Click any of the links above on each rider for their Podcast Interview on Riders Lounge Podcast and choose your favourite podcast player.

For the full list of X Games Invites for all sports of 2021 X Games – check them out here: http://www.xgames.com/events/2021/summer/invitedathletes/

Ok, so there are a few thoughts which I think we’ll go into deeper in another Blog Post. But there are some suprises, and no surprises.

1st surprise… where is Tom Pages?

2nd surprise – Jayo Archer added to the Best Trick list!

Well – this could get interesting!

We know from the podcast that he is pulling out new Double Backflip combos like the Cordova and that was a few months back now.

What else has he been working on?

Plus, you know.. the big one. The Triple? I don’t know if they have the right ramp set up there, if he’s ready to take it dirt yet… that’s a big question mark. But knowing how focused Jayo is, I’m not ruling anything out, but on the other hand, I can’t wait to see him on the world stage and throwing down.

You can listen to his full story about learning new Double Flip combos and the Triple Flip here:

3rd surprise – where is Pat Bowden’s name?

4th surprise – Stoked to see Ben Richards name added to Freestyle!!

The young Aussie ripper is one to look out for. He has certainly, hopped, skipped and jumped his way past a lot of big names to cement his spot at X Games

5th surprise – Only 7 names listed in Best Trick.

Who will be the last name added? Tom Pages? Pat Bowden? Clinton Moore? Someone new? Someone old?

6th Surprise – Where’s Clinton Moore?

I know this is all Dribbles wants. He wants that X Games Gold Medal. He’s had the 720 on lock before, since before 2012. He has even bigger tricks he’s working on like the Bike Flip over 75ft. Is he not ready and decided to reel it in?

7th… Not a surprise – A lot of Aussies. Will they even make it?

Like most years, Australian’s fill the invite list which is freaking cool as an Aussie. I’m so damn pumped to see my fellow FMX riders make it so damn far. And there’s many reasons why that has happened, but that’s for another podcast!

My thoughts are though… will all of these Aussies get a free pass to leave Australia due to Covid-19?

If you don’t know the Australian system, the borders were closed hard from the very start – and it is quite difficult for anyone to get in or out since Covid started.

Hopefully though, it should be fairly smooth sailing for the exemptions.

8th… Point – Adam Jones. No Americans in Freestyle or Best Trick.

What can Adam Jones do, to get an invite in Freestyle? Here is what he said about it… Adam brought up some points in his Instagram Post, where the Trolling started and he had to turn off the comments. Have a read and see what you think. Comment below, I’d be stoked to hear what your thoughts are!

9th Surprise – Twitch is Back – 110’s

Again, one of the legends of FMX is back at X Games, this time in the new category for Moto – 110’s.

Obviously Twitch has been pretty busy on the 110’s, so it’s a different way to see him back in competition at X Games.

10th Surprise – Where will it be held?

Riders training facilities!

For FMX – it’s all from Axell Hodges’ place.

Text below is from from www.xgames.com press.

Growing up just outside the surf and skate mecca of Encinitas, California, X Games Moto X medalist Axell Hodges’ “Slayground” originated at his childhood home. Though the property has always included a racetrack, Hodges’ Slayground is now a full compound complete with steep turns, quarterpipes, kicker ramps, wallrides, manual pads and massive dirt jumps. The third and latest installment of Hodges’ Slayground video part series was filmed entirely at the compound. Slayground will play host to Moto X Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, QuarterPipe High Air and a new 110s racing discipline.

11th Surprise – Only 2 Euros and 2 from Asia.

David Rinaldo from France who created history by landing the first ever Body Varial in a Back Flip, the Malakai and taking X Games Gold in Best Trick is naturally returning.
Luc Ackermann from Germany, the youngest ever World Champion, who won the 2019 NIGHT of the JUMPs world championship has been given a shot at X as well!.

Taka Higashino from Japan is in Freestyle, and;
Genki Watanabe (or Wanky) also from Japan is in Best Whip.

Someone I’ve been watching as of late and who I suggested earlier for Quarter Pipe would have been Guillem Navas from Spain. He’s training his arse off going to the moon. There’s only 6 places for QP High Air, it could be a TV timeslot issue, or maybe they’re going to add 2 more places? If they do, surely Navas Petit as he’s known on IG would be the next in line.

12th … Point? There’s only so many spots available…

While there are interesting tidbits here and there… there are only so many spots available, and there’s so many damn good riders in the world who could fill those spots.

Either way, I’m just stoked to see X Games back after a hiatus and can’t wait to see the next group of riders throw down and create history!

Forty8.com also brought up a very valid question: Invite or Qualify? What do you think?

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  1. X Games lineup…here we go! I’ll do the trickiest, no pun intended, the trickiest Comp to predict. Best Trick. I’ll take Jayo Archer for the Gold with his Cordova Double Backflip. If Harry Bink, his name reminds me of that old Nascar driver Dick Trickle, if Bink does the Triple, he wins. Jayo gets Silver & Rinaldo with a repeat of last years Gold trick..maybe, gets Bronze. Strong & Adelberg I think will throw Frontflip Combos, knowing they have them & everyone else is doing Backflips. Sheehan I think will do a Double Backflip Combo. In Freestyle it’s Luc Ackerman gets Gold. I know Strong & Adelberg have the Frontflip & Strong, Bink, Sheehan also has the Double but Luc is a beast & has the Double so I think the #1 rider no matter what the Comp…except Best Trick. There’s going to be at least 4 riders throwing Doubles in the FMX Comp. Maybe Taka too? Binks in it & if all goes well in Best Trick, he’ll maybe be throwing the Triple if he’s feeling it & because his a Mad Man! I’ll probably be eating my words because these guys are as unpredictable as they are talented. Best Whip? Who knows, just because I think it’s a Style preference, but the top 3 will be Hodges, Wanky & Bereman. Quarter Pipe is tough & it’s like the Step Up from back in the day with Riders going back & forth. So who knows but Hodges, Creed, Bereman & Raha will be shooting to the Moon on this one. Is the 110 a race or a BMX Dirt type Comp? I need a Podcast set up instead of typing all this sh!t Hey, this years X Games is building up to be one for the History books! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it on your Podcast

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