Pat Bowden has only landed one Cali Roll to dirt and it was in Berlin at NIGHT of the JUMPs in 2016. But why only once? And will he need this trick to win the World Championship?

After training for only 5 days at the Lleides compound in Spain, Pat was filming with Aussie Adrenaline to capture their clip ‘Dreaming’ when he decided he would take the Cali Roll to dirt.

Looking back now, Pat feels like he was attempting it too prematurely.

It was unbelievable that he landed it in Berlin, although we were so bummed he landed it and still dislocated his shoulder.

Will Pat ever do this trick again?

Does he need to land a Body Varial to win a World Championship?

Or can he come back with even bigger tricks and skip the varials

Tune in for the full interview with Pat Bowden here!
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