It’s not possible.

After watching Josh Sheehan stomp one of the gnarliest things ever seen on a dirt bike, the Triple Flip at Travis Pastrana’s house on the biggest ramp set up we’ve seen in FMX, the typical catch cry was – we’ll never see that landed on a regular set up, not to mention in competition.

Harry Bink celebrates after landing the Triple Flip

We’ve heard it all before, but one thing I think you set your watch too… finding gnarly rippers who are willing to push physics and their body to new limits.

Enter 2022 and it’s down to two guys. Jayo Archer and Harry Bink who are pushing to land the Triple Flip in FMX Competition.

Sheeny even chimed in to give it a bit of a shot while Jayo was working on it at Freeform’s training location on an even bigger ramp set up than we saw at Nitro World Games.

But it was still so big, with so much chance for instant death that the guys managed to work out how the Moon Booter could be adjusted to make it happen.

The two guys who are competing against each other and the history books then trained together at Harry Bink’s 5060 compound on the Gold Coast in Australia to try work out exactly how to get the 3 full rotations into the BigAirBag Air Pit. This huge pillow of air still can hurt when you come down wrong, but it allows the riders the ability to continually keep trying the trick with so much less risk than a Foam Pit or, simply going to hard dirt.

Taking the advice and some parts from Levi Sherwood who must really be thanked as well for helping to expand the sport to this point, the guys were ready.

So with Nitro World Games in Brisbane, Australia ready to go, these 2 warriors defied all odds and landed the first ever FMX Competition Triple Flips.

What were they up against?

  • In a competition – when it’s your time to ride, you have to go. Even if you’re not feeling it
  • Pressure of thousands in the crowd and millions watching around the world
  • Waiting almost 30 minutes for the team to get the ramp into place, while you’re trying to stay composed
  • 2 days earlier having the event postponed due to rain. Sitting and waiting does not help nerves or anxiety
  • 1 month earlier Harry rebroke his ribs which were broken in an X Games crash 3 months earlier
  • Jayo coming back from a broken femur from simply landing in the airbag while training for the Triple.

So how did it happen?

At Nitro World Games in the final event of the night being Freestyle Motocross Best Trick, 5 riders had already attempted or landed their best tricks. And now it was time for Jayo Archer and Harry Bink to attempt the Triple Flip.

Jayo’s name was first on the order, so he had all the pressure to try the triple onto the airbag landing for the first time. No one had attempted it, only onto the Flat foam pit style Air Pit.

Jayo rolled in with the weight of the world on his shoulders and pulled the Triple Flip clean as a whistle and only just bobbling a little on the landing with a bit of an airbag bounce, but he rode it out. First attempt!

With all of the celebrations going on, it was another 15 minutes before Harry Bink would land it. With advertising breaks and interviews, Harry asked for 2 warm-up jumps where he did 2 Double Flips, holding the rotation as long as possible and stalling his body out.

On his first attempt, he was looking good but unfortunately washed out. Bent the front end a little bit but was otherwise ok! Somehow he crashed a Triple Flip and survived to try again. After getting the bike straight enough to jump again, he stomped the second Triple Flip absolutely perfectly!

While he required 4 bites of the cherry before landing it, Harry Bink won the event with 99 / 100 score and Jayo Archer on 98.33 / 100.

But with history made, Jayo was the first rider to land it and receiving the Lego Innovation Award, both riders on the same night landing and Harry taking the win. Jayo won even more, by proposing to his long-time girlfriend Beth and getting ‘Yes’ as the answer.

Other than splitting first place two ways, it was a fairytale ending to what could have been a nightmare scenario if anything went wrong. This is still one of the most dangerous things we have ever seen in any action sport. And somehow, in one night, two riders landed it and survived to see another day.

If you don’t have time to watch it but you’re driving or just listening to Spotify.. you can listen in here:

How did it start? Let’s watch Sheeny land the first ever Triple Flip here:

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