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Banks Hovey – More than 110s

This week we’ve got one of the top 110 riders in the world with us right now, but don’t go sticking him in that box. This dude is talented on anything with 2 or 4 wheels and has an engine. Keeping it old school and preferring it to be a 2 stroke!
From Motocross to Supercross, Rally, Side by Sides, 110s, BMX or whatever he can get his hands on, Banks Hovey appears to be part of the next generation of riders hellbent on having fun above all else and it shows in every video I’ve watched.

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Adelberg creates history at X Games 2022 with Frontie to Frontie – Full Review of Moto X

History has been made in X Games Moto this year with Jacko Strong landing the first ever 110ft Front Flip, before Rob Adelberg bested it with the first ever Front Flip to Front Flip in a line (Next Gen ramp into 110ft ramp) to blow everyone’s mind.

Guillem Navas broke the Quarter Pipe Highest Air record on his first jump of the competition but by the end of the comp, Colby Raha set a new record of 49 feet 0 inches!

And Julien Vanstippen just unleashed one of the biggest whips we’ve ever seen on a 110ft ramp by going completely upside down, inside out and back to front!

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Bananaface returns to preview X Games 2022

With X Games 2022 just around the corner, Edgar Torronteras joins to talk about who’s in, who’s out and where the hell did his invite get sent too for this years event, because his name is again, not on the list!

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Last minute invite to X Games 110’s for Banks Hovey and TSA took his moto parts! 😣

Imagine if you receive an invite to ride at the biggest event of the year.

Even if it’s only 2 days before the event, you do everything you can to pack your parts and gear, book a flight, find some wheels at your destination and somewhere to sleep.

Jump on the plane and get to the other side, just in time to find TSA has taken all of your parts out of the bag and left you a nice little note without even a ‘Sorry’ (I’m guessing).

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