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Triple Backflip landed in FMX Competition for first time!

The first ever Triple Backflip has ben landed in FMX Competition in 2022 by Jayo Archer and Harry Bink at Nitro World Games.

The event created by Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew, managed to build the right set up to take Josh Sheehan’s infamous first ever Triple Flip, into a live event in front of a crowd for the first time.

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Nate Adams – Deft Family & Life after FMX

Nate Adams won everything there is to win in Freestyle Motocross, and at the same time he was focused 100% on FMX progression, he began a glove-only brand called Deft Family which was revolutionary at the time.

We catch up with ‘The Destroyer’ to find out how he was able to continue to be the man to beat at the top of his sport, while learning all new skills in business, marketing, logistics and trying to get the feel out of his glove that he had striven for in the beginning.