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Where was Nate Adams going to ride his Electric Bike?

Nate Adams was one of the lucky riders to jump one of these first and, certainly one of the first FMX riders to climb aboard.

His plans of taking it to all new locations that you couldn’t take a fossil fuel burning 2 or 4 stroke sounds unreal and I don’t think it will be too much longer until we finally get to see all new possibilities if the other manufacturer’s bring out their electric offerings.

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Nate Adams – Deft Family & Life after FMX

Nate Adams won everything there is to win in Freestyle Motocross, and at the same time he was focused 100% on FMX progression, he began a glove-only brand called Deft Family which was revolutionary at the time.

We catch up with ‘The Destroyer’ to find out how he was able to continue to be the man to beat at the top of his sport, while learning all new skills in business, marketing, logistics and trying to get the feel out of his glove that he had striven for in the beginning.