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Freestyle of Nations 2022 wrap-up

NIGHT of the JUMPs returned for 2022 with the Freestyle of Nations in Munich and Cologne with almost back to back events after a couple of years in Covid-19 limbo and we wrap-up both events with this short, sharp podcast!
Firstly we cover Munich with the World Team vs Team Czech vs Team France. Huge crashes, some controversial decisions I thought, but one hell of a return for the season.

And the second event held in Cologne just last weekend was between Team Germany vs Spain vs Italy. And with some of the best riders having only 2 hours sleep, they still threw down like you would have never known!

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Events are coming back! Freestyle of Nations returns w/ Pinyol & Huppert

To say it feels incredible to see events happening again would be an understatement.  To hear the cheering of the ecstatic Swiss crowd at NIGHT of the JUMPs in September was unbelievable and to witness the elation from the actual FMX and MTB riders who threw down on the night was even more impressive.

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After 18 months, FMX Competition returns!

After a year and a half without Freestyle Motocross contests all over Europe, September 25th 2021 marks the day of FMX returning.  After it was recently announced that Switzerland will again allow events with over 10,000 visitors, NIGHT of the JUMPs planned return is in full swing for the St. Jakobshalle in Basel.

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