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Triple Backflip landed in FMX Competition for first time!

The first ever Triple Backflip has ben landed in FMX Competition in 2022 by Jayo Archer and Harry Bink at Nitro World Games.

The event created by Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew, managed to build the right set up to take Josh Sheehan’s infamous first ever Triple Flip, into a live event in front of a crowd for the first time.

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Lost in the Jungle! Short clip from Crazy Action Sports Stories

All I could see in my mind, was a newspaper headline saying “Idiot Australian lost in Indonesia Jungle”
What started as a disaster on my first ever FMX Tour of Indonesia, turned into a really cool opportunity to go riding in the jungle to the top of a volcano with Sheeny and Clinton Moore. And then almost back to disaster again!

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Adelberg creates history at X Games 2022 with Frontie to Frontie – Full Review of Moto X

History has been made in X Games Moto this year with Jacko Strong landing the first ever 110ft Front Flip, before Rob Adelberg bested it with the first ever Front Flip to Front Flip in a line (Next Gen ramp into 110ft ramp) to blow everyone’s mind.

Guillem Navas broke the Quarter Pipe Highest Air record on his first jump of the competition but by the end of the comp, Colby Raha set a new record of 49 feet 0 inches!

And Julien Vanstippen just unleashed one of the biggest whips we’ve ever seen on a 110ft ramp by going completely upside down, inside out and back to front!

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Best Trick: X Games 2021 Review 5/6

It’s time for the big one!  Best Trick is the event we wait for every year to see what everyone has been working on, and after last years hiatus, I think it’s fair to assume everyone was really looking forward to this event since the guys had effectively 2 years to hone their tricks!

And it looked like only David Rinaldo was willing to bring something completely new to the game with his new body varial, called the Bobby Spin

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X Games 2021 Best Whip : Review 3/6

The motocross discipline which measures style over anything else, returned to X Games 2021 with Best Whip and there was a huge shake-up in the results with surprise eliminations and a very deserving winner!
Tom Parsons brought the heat with some of the biggest whips ever done on a dirt bike, and he took the win over Wanky (Genki Watanabe) who has some of the best Turn Down whips as well