After years of working on the Double Backflip, Pat Bowden was finally going to take it to dirt (well, steel and timber which hurts even more if you stuff up!)

From learning the Double Flip into foam pits at home, with Travis Pastrana, on Moon Booters, Super kickers and anything else and even getting them dialled on his BigAirBag airbag at home, the big step to doing it to a hard landing is always the hardest thing to do.

Pat’s bike looks pretty trick, with a new custom subframe, small airbox, plastics removed or chopped, and some major jetting changes. All of that helped to bring the Double Backflip around.

Pat Bowden Bike Modifications
Pat Bowden YZ250 Bike Mods for the Double Backflip

He landed it.

And one week later, had one of his worst crashes in his career which put him out for over 12 months!

Listen to the full story of the Double Backflip here:

Here’s the full episode on Spotify. But hey, you can find it in any Podcast Player which you like the most
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