Joining the Riders Lounge Podcast to give his opinion on 2021 X Games Best Whip is a rider who arguably should have ridden the competition, the Australian young gun who can turn his bike inside out and back to front, Tyler Wakeford.

This is a small snippet of his review of the Best Whip competition this year which saw Tom Parsons take the win a couple of years after returning with the thumb-throttle assembly after breaking his wrist badly.

Now he has a Gold Medal from Best Whip after throwing his bike in every direction and snagging the win over Genki Watanabe (Wanky) who had one of the biggest Turn-Downs ever. Who did you think should have won?

With some heavy hitters in the field such as Axell Hodges, Colby Raha, Josh Sheehan, Jarryd McNeil and Tyler Bereman, it was always going to be tough to find the winner!

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