Action Sports madness with FMX/MTB Teams World Tour
The first time the Freestyle of Nations is going on tour with the best FMX and MTB athletes from around the world.

Navas and Rocky with Tandem FMX for the first time at Freestyle of Nations Berlin 2020!

The world’s longest running Freestyle Motocross competition series is back!  What started with two Berliner’s, Marko Manthey and Jorg Hotzel, 21 years ago with the NIGHT of the JUMPs event in Riesa, Germany in 2001, has now become the most important FMX competition tour in the world.

  • Over 20 years / over 300 events / more than 3 million visitors worldwide

With over 300 NIGHT of the JUMPs events worldwide in front of more than three million enthusiastic fans in 20 years, NIGHT of the JUMPs have set the standard with records, spectacular stunts and trick premieres.  The World Record in Highest Air was set with Massimo Bianconcini at 11.50 metres, the youngest motorcycle backflip was held by the 12-year old Luc Ackermann; the first ever backflip in Europe (Mike Metzger, Oberhausen, 2003) and the first female backflip in Europe (Emma McFerran, 2013).

  • Freestyle of Nations tour premiere

After a year and half break without Freestyle Motocross competition action, the world is finally ready to start again.  Last year, the big 20-year anniversary tour was to overshadow everything had gone before.  Now, everything will be even more spectacular when the competition events restart.  For the first time, the athletes will be launching their dirt bikes through the arenas of Basel, Munich and Cologne as part of the Teams World Championship series.  Three teams with the best FMX athletes will compete against each other, with the addition of the best freestyle mountain bike riders to be invited which will give a completely new dimension to the tour.  Each team will collect points throughout each breathtaking discipline.  The nation with the most points at the end of the night, will be crowned the winner of the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Team Championship.

  • Team Germany with Luc Ackermann, Hannes Ackermann, Kai Haase
Kai Haase and Hannes Ackermann with Synchro Nac-Nac Backflips!

With the three events planned for the Central European region of Germany and Switzerland, of course Team Germany will be one of the key teams in focus.  Led by the nine-time World Record holder, Double Backflipper, European and World Champion, Luc Ackermann.  He will be supported by Berlin FMX star and Front Flip Bonker, Kai Haase.  Of course, the four-time German FMX Champion, Nac Nac Front Flipper and older brother to Luc, Hannes Ackermann will be on tour as well.  Added to that, one of the best Freestyle MTB stars to this great team, Team Germany will be looking a red-hot chance to take the series.

The Freestyle of Nations Tour is going to be amazing. We want to win the title. And we need everyone to come to the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Basel, Munich and Cologne to support us” said the German FMX hero, Luc Ackermann.

The World Team has been one of the most dangerous at each event.  The fans can expect to see some of the best athletes from all corners of the world who will cover almost 40,000 kilometres to take part in the Team Challenge.

The remaining third team will be a battle between the powerhouses of European FMX nations from France to Spain, Czech Republic or Italy.  It will be interesting to see which nation will position itself for the final place in the Teams World Tour.

  • More freestyle action than ever – 3x FMX + MTB

In addition to the Freestyle Nations Contest, in which the athletes throw down their best 8 tricks in 90 seconds, there are four other competitions:

Jamie Squibb getting upside down in Best Whip!
  • In the Best Whip Contest, all riders will go upside down at the same time in trains
    • In the Synchro Comp, each nation nominates two riders who will perform their best tricks simultaneously, side by side.
    • In the Best Trick Contest, 1 rider from each country will lay down their most difficult or technical trick
    • Since every FMX team has a mountain bike rider, the MTB athletes are also included in the MTB contest for the first time and are not just as a spectacular “side show”.  Some of the biggest tricks will be on offer such as Cash Rolls, Front Flips, Double Backflips and so much more.

The nation with the most points at the end is the winner of the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Team Championship Round.  And of course, after three events, a Championship winner will be announced.

  • The biggest stunts and much more

To bring in the Tour Premiere with a bang, the creators of NIGHT of the JUMPs will not only bring the best FMX athletes on the planet to Europe, the world’s best MTB riders will be smashing out their biggest tricks with a gigantic roll-in tower which will feature inside each arena.  With so much going on, it will be impossible to predict who will be the overall winner!

  • Tickets from 45.90 euros

Advanced ticket booking for the NIGHT of the JUMPs – Freestyle of Nations Tour is in full swing. Tickets are available from 45.90 euros plus fees at and all booking offices.

NIGHT of the JUMPs / Freestyle of Nations Tour
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Podium for Freestyle of Nations in Berlin 2020
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