New Podcast with Nate Adams. Search for Riders Lounge Podcast and you’ll find it 🤘 worth a listen for the young bucks! @xgames

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This is a sentiment that not many people will understand.

And it does sound crazy.

But it’s something I completely get, and something most action sports athletes will know either consciously or subconsciously.

Nate Adams did a great job of explaining what it takes to become the best in the world, in one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

He took the thoughts out of my mind and put it perfectly into words.

Nate touched also much more on the Balance needed in life. But, also knowing that you can’t put that fire out in people or they won’t go on to feats of greatness.

Would we have sent man to the moon without that fire? Probably not.

If you know anyone who wants to get into any Action Sport, I’d recommend them to listen to Nate’s words here and hear it from the horses mouth. He’s done it all!

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