I have never created merchandise in my 15 years of riding FMX shows.

I just didn’t feel like anyone would want something that is ‘Steve Sommerfeld’.

  1. I’m a nobody
  2. I can’t design anything worth printing
  3. How egotistical is that!?

However, with the Podcast kicking along pretty well, it has changed my opinion on things because this isn’t about me personally. It’s more like when I was writing for magazines – the podcast is basically bringing fans closer to the athletes they watch. And everyone has their own story.

Winter range

The idea of Merchandise started from a very basic reasoning – FMX Pro rider from Australia, Nitro World Games winner, Pat Bowden took the time and created a really cool logo for the Riders Lounge Podcast and I wanted to give back, by putting it on a shirt and sending it to him.

I would much rather have a design that I’m happy to wear which is based on something worthwhile!

But what I would think is cool, is to try relate the merchandise on this podcast, directly around Podcast guests, or the industry at large.

Next Gen Ramp Design

So after interviewing Levi Sherwood, and talking about his ramp plans for the new Next Gen ramp, I just remembered back to when FreeriderMX Magazine had the ‘Life starts at 80ft’ T-shirt. If you are old enough to remember it… it was like the bee’s knee’s and defined Australian FMX.

Levi was pumped on it, and the dimensions are 100% correct!

If you like using real dimensions – you can also download them here!

Agung Santoso hand drawn Ruler

And then something even cooler happened!

I received the best Fan Mail I’ve had personally. But again, I don’t like the idea of it being about me… so it’s for the Riders Lounge Podcast as the guy who hand drew this image was hitting me up through the IG page.

Thank you to Agung Santoso from Indonesia! This is unreal. His skill with a 2B Pencil is inspiring! Much better than my stick figures!

Some of the best memories I’ve had from my career were from riding in Indonesia, so to receive this from a local Indonesian who loves FMX – it just seemed so simple to say ‘let’s share this with the world!’

Actually Indonesia holds very close to Invert Management’s DNA and eventually the Riders Lounge Podcast. It was there, when talking with Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore that we decided to begin Invert Management where I was helping the boys to further their careers in FMX, since way back in 2009!

Global Shipping

Because the Riders Lounge Podcast is listened too from all continents on earth (perhaps even Antarctica??) it made sense to find a way to print the Merchandise and have it shipped simply and easily globally.

You can find these designs and more coming in the very near future here


Thank you

If you like the designs where there is actually a story behind it and not just something to look cool… then I hope you enjoy it!

If it isn’t your style, I completely get it! Let me know what you’d like to see!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy all of the guests on here and any designs that may go along with them in the future!


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