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December 29, 2020:  The Grand Final on Saturday night (26th December) of the inaugural e-FMX World Championship produced the best gameplay to date with two new champions and the introduction of a brand new NIGHT of the JUMPs Best Trick level in TiMX : This is Motocross.

The Grand Final episode featured a 3-way battle between the favourite for the series, Nitro World Games winner from Australia, Pat Bowden, who was up against the Spanish FMX Champion and TikTok MX star, Pedro Moreno and the young gun from the Czech Republic, Matej Cesak.

Pedro Moreno put together one of the best runs of the series in the final.  After 2 weeks training since the Semi Finals, Pedro decided to utilise more variety in his run including the McMetz to Cliffhanger combo which was actually performed IRL by Dany Torres from Spain.  Unfortunately variety alone wasn’t enough to advance further and Pedro finished the season in 3rd position.

Pat Bowden – Rider invitation to e-FMX World Championship

After 11 months out of action due to injury, Pat Bowden returned to his YZ250 only 1 week ago since his crash in January.  However, after his first ride, Pat’s doctor scheduled him in for surgery immediately to remove the Lunate bone in the wrist and replace it with a prosthetic replacement!  This all happened 3 days before the final run of the game.  Somehow, Pat managed to put together an incredibly good run inside TiMX, and the judges voted him to be in second position overall

With the smoothest of runs, showing incredible variety, dexterity and difficulty in tricks both in real life and inside the game mechanics, Matej Cesak was crowned the first ever e-FMX World Champion by proving every week to be one of the best riders.  Perhaps as the youngest in the final he had an advantage on the mobile game, but Matej’s win could not be disputed with such a smooth run and some tricks looking very similar to his style in real life!

For the win, Matej takes home $500 for winning the overall series from TiMX and Aussie Adrenaline, but also receiving an invite to compete at a real-world FMX competition at NIGHT of the JUMPs in 2021 and also 250,000 Gold Coins of in-game currency. 

The first ever FMX eSport series became even more interesting in the final round, with a brand new discipline coming online only 4 days before the final with an all new FMX Best Trick competition mode inside the NIGHT of the JUMPs textured level.

With an invite open to all 16 players who had competed throughout the series and a couple of new riders as well, the Best Trick competition was on another level with a Roll-in set up to give the rider enough speed before the huge Moon Booter, the largest ramp built into the game, the riders were able to try almost any trick imaginable!

There was so much variety from Josh Sheehan’s 720 to Taka Higashino’s Double Backflip California Roll 360 to Maikel Melero’s Quadruple Backflip with a Bike Flip (technically creating the only Quin Flip in the entire series!).

However the win came down to the riders who showed variety, degree of difficulty and also innovation.

Tied for 3rd place, was Matej Cesak and Pat Bowden.  Matej with his Quadruple Backflip 360 California Roll and Patwith his Triple Backflip 360 with a Bike Flip

The runner-up in 2nd position for Best Trick was the Russian FMX Champion and Crowd Favourite, Nick Ivankov with his very innovative Backflip to Inside Roll (body varial) to Front Flip

The winner for the first ever e-FMX World Championship Best Trick competition was the Spanish FMX Champion, Pedro Moreno.  Pulling a Quadruple Backflip including a 360 in the middle and holding the Cliffhanger on the final backflip rotation, Pedro showed an incredible use of game mechanics to produce the trick while stating that he “needs more fingers and hands to perform bigger tricks”!

Not only is the special NIGHT of the JUMPs track in the game for this competition series, it is also available for all players who have downloaded the game on iOS or Android platforms with the Gold VIP Membership.  The NOTJ Track which was designed from the Berlin World Championship course looks almost identical to the real world and is available in the Early Access area for VIP Members with the option to become available as one of the divisions in the open game.

The e-FMX World Championship series could not have happened without the incredible support from FC Moto.  With the 2020 World Championship season being postponed due to Covid-19, FC Moto were quick to realise the benefits of being involved and bringing traditional sport into the virtual reality.

Extreme International have also been incredible with their social media support by cross-posting the Live Stream from the NIGHT of the JUMPs Facebook page directly on their page which is followed by more than 4.7 million people. 

Teamplace offered their incredibly easy to use cloud services, to make collecting the video gameplay from all 16 riders from all corners of the world so much faster and easier.

Aussie Adrenaline have produced an incredible mobile game, and NIGHT of the JUMPs are proud to have partnered with AA to create this all new eSport series in 2020 and into the future with all new projects.

TiMX Direct Download here: https://playfree.timxgame.com/notj

FC Moto: – www.fc-moto.de
Extreme: – www.extremeinternational.com
Teamplace: – www.teamplace.net

Gameplay Videos available on Teamplace:

For more information, photos and video, please visit https://www.nightofthejumps.com/esport

Steve Sommerfeld
eSports / Rider Manager
NIGHT of the JUMPs

e-FMX World Championship Trophy
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