Imagine if you receive an invite to ride at the biggest event of the year.

Even if it’s only 2 days before the event, you do everything you can to pack your parts and gear, book a flight, find some wheels at your destination and somewhere to sleep.

Jump on the plane and get to the other side, just in time to find TSA has taken all of your parts out of the bag and left you a nice little note without even a ‘Sorry’ (I’m guessing).

Banks Hovey gave us a little insight into the 110s event that he was lucky enough to ride, and despite TSA being pains in the ass… he was able to get a bike up and running and threw down his run against some of the biggest names in the Moto industry and had a whole bunch of fun along the way.

Was cool to get his thoughts on the 110s discipline, the format which could change in the future, the cross over with Pat Casey from BMX jumping in and how Tyler Bereman put his name in the hat to even get the call in the first place!

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