Ok – this completely blew me away.

During the interview with Jason Ryan, he dropped a bomb on me that Jose Yanez attempted the first ever Front Flip on a motorcycle in about 1983!

It would be at least another 25 years before anyone would even think about the Front Flip! Guys like Jim DeChamp, Paris Rosen, Tom and Charles Pages to name a few. Oh, not to mention Street Bike Tommy’s attempt on his street bike – but that wasn’t exactly planned.

If you listen to the podcast, within the first 5 minutes of our interview, Jason Ryan talks all about how Jose tried the Front Flip – and why he thought it would be more possible than a backflip.
(which he went and landed in 1991 on a motorcycle after becoming the first to land it on a BMX in 1985)

Actually, that requires more thought.

Think about it.

Jose Yanez in 1983 – thought it would be a better idea to FRONT FLIP his RM80 than to try a Backflip on a Bicycle.
In 1985 he landed the first ever BMX backflip
In 1991 he landed the first ever motorcycle backflip.

The guy is insane.

If you want to see the footage, just like I do… then you can grab some Perks and help make the documentary come to life by visiting their GoFundMe page to help: https://gofund.me/61e3481a

And here are the other Front Flips in the 2000s. There are more, but I liked these clips if you’ve forgotten them!

Charles and Tom Pages
Paris Rosen X Games Front Flip Crash
Jim DeChamp Lands the Front Flip!
Streetbike Tommy Front Flips his GSXR at Travis Pastrana’s house… wasn’t really planned though. Or a great ending.

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