Freestyle Motocross is all about progression and Levi Sherwood has been one of the main drivers of progression throughout his career in competition and now outside of competition.

Throughout the last years of his professional career, Levi spent more time designing this new Next Gen ramp than perhaps even riding! And he was still winning all of the events.

What is the Next Gen?

Basically it’s the scaled up version of ‘standard’ ramps we see in FMX today.

  • In the USA – they have ‘Rev’ ramps which were designed about 20 years ago.
  • In Australia – it’s all about the ‘Aussie Comp’ ramp which is a 9 metre radius
  • In Europe – mainly it’s about the 8 metre radius ramp but shorter distance
Next Gen versus old 9m radius ramp
(front) Old 9 metre radius ramp (behind) NEW – Next Gen Ramp!

The Next Gen is about going bigger, giving the rider more time to do tricks, more air time and the chance for bigger variations.

And although it sounds counter-intuitive – from some reports it’s even safer, knowing the rider can get back on the bike with more time to spot the landing.

You can Double Flip it… you can Front Flip it.. you can do just about anything on it!

Where can I get the plans!?

Right here….

Levi the legend, said he’s more than happy for everyone to build it.

But – be careful! It’s all about building it correctly as well. There’s no point having a bunch of ramps ‘close’. Because if you have jumped other ramps, you’ll know when someone makes a mistake, it could end up in tears.

So read the plans fully, take your time because the ramp will be around for 10 years or more

Time for the NEXT GENeration

It’s time for the Next Generation in FMX.
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