On the recent Riders Lounge Podcast, Guillem Navas, an absolute Freeriding shredder from Spain, who should have been invited to ride in his first X Games comp but missed an invite, was humble enough and stoked to jump on and give his break-down of the X Games Quarter Pipe High Air competition at Slayground in 2021.

With a bunch of rad individuals joining the full podcast, it was cool to get everyone’s opinion of this years competition, what was good, what didn’t work, but it was Guillem’s eye for detail in how the riders were approaching the jump which was really cool to listen too, from someone who has actually jumped this ramp.

And you should probably remember… there are not many people in the world who have even attempted to jump this vertical wall of death!

So sit back and listen to NavasPetit’s thoughts on Kohl Denney and Tyler Bereman’s battle for Bronze and the big battle between Axell Hodges and Colby Raha on Axell’s home turf.

Most importantly, if you want to hear from some more Moto legends in this podcast, you can subscribe and listen on your favourite podcast player or simply click this link to find which player suits you best! https://ridersloungepodcast.podlink.to/xgames2021quarterpipereview

Thanks to Rothaus brewery for their support of the Riders Lounge Podcast with the best damn alcohol free beers in the world, the Tannenzaepfle! And Lakes Networking for holding my digital world together with their IT support!

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