Red Bull came out with the second warm-up video on YouTube before the final competition session which will be aired later today on ESPN+ / ESPN2 and dammit, it’s even better than the previous video which already blew us away!

We finally get to see the full set-up from the jump Tyler Bereman sent over 180 feet, transferred out and just going nuts.

While that was easily the biggest and most gnarly jump on the course, a few smaller things actually stood out to me even more.

Watch when the absolute legend and OG of FMX, Jeremy Grandpa Twitch Stenberg sent some 3rd gear backflips around one of the gnarliest courses.

To see the old man just sack up and send it with the young bucks was awesome and you get to see the real natural skill this dude has, even after more than 20 years at the top of the sport.

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