(Open to European Fans only sorry)

I’m loving my new Spect Eyewear sunglasses so much, the great people of Spect decided to send me a few pairs to give away to my fans of this very Podcast!

With a brand new website being released in January 2021, let’s do a give-away this month!

All you need to do is comment below with the name of your favourite European based Podcast Guest so far.
Open to European Fans only (for delivery of Spect Sunnies)

I will even include Squibby from the UK even after Brexit… just because it’s part of the ‘continent’ of Europe and we’re not going to get political here.

  • Antonio Navas – El Presidente (Spain)
  • Marc Pinyol – Genetically better suited to FMX than Soccer (Spain)
  • Jamie Squibb – Captain of the World Team (England)
  • Fabian Bauersachs – The Professor (Germany)
  • Hannes Ackermann – A man of few words (Germany)
  • Massimo Bianconcini – Italian Stallion stepping it up (Italy)
  • Davide Rossi – Freestyle Carbonara (Italy)
  • James Trincucci – Trials Champion, Erzberg Contender and now Freerider (Italy / Isle of Mann)
  • Seb Westberg – DIRTBIKE vs STREETBIKE Interview (Finland)

Competition is only open to European fans sorry, but I do also love to hear from everyone who their favourites are!

What do you like? What didn’t you like? Let me know!

(Winners announced February 1st 2021)

Comments (2)
  1. For sure the most funny one was with Squibby, I laughed my ass of listen to you guys!
    Most interesting in the European section was James Trincucci. One reason is that he is one rider that I didn’t know in person and I hung out with all the others.
    To stay with the Europeans I would love to listen to a podcast with legend Tom Pages!
    You are doing an awesome job man. Couldn’t find a podcast like that anywhere else where I find out so much about all my buddies and get to know so much about riders I didn’t even know about. Keep that $h! T up mate!

  2. How can you do this to us an make us choose 😁 well I think the whole podcast gets it , Haha know but seriously it a hard choice as everyones podcast has helped me so much . but I think for the Europeans its go to be Seb Westberg the guy is facing the toughest weather condition but let nothing get in his way , the whole podcast motivates us all in areas we lack the knowleged or no how.

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