It’s finally official.  X Games is back for 2021!  July 14-18th and the Moto will be held at Axell Hodges’ compound, Slayground!

New Riders.  New Location.  New Discipline.

Plenty of old guys! A few big names missing, and a few big surprises as well!

You can read all of these points as well on the blog here:

Here is the full list of Moto / FMX riders for this years event, which will be probably the most ‘unique’ X Games ever!

X Games Moto X Best Trick

X Games Moto X Freestyle

  • Luc Ackermann
  • Rob Adelberg
  • Harry Bink
  • Taka Higashino
  • Ben Richards
  • David Rinaldo
  • Josh Sheehan
  • Jackson Strong

X Games Moto X Best Whip

X Games Moto X Quarter Pipe High Air

X Games Moto X 110’s

  • Tyler Bereman
  • Pat Casey
  • Vicki Golden
  • Axell Hodges
  • Jarryd McNeil
  • Colby Raha
  • Jeremy Stenberg

A few stand-outs from the Invite list:

  1. Where is Tom Pages?
  2. Jayo Archer is in!  Will he Triple Flip?
  3. Where is Pat Bowden‘s name?
  4. Young blood – Ben Richards is invited!
  5. Only 7 names for Best Trick?  Who will be the final rider announcement?
  6. Where’s Clinton Moore?
  7. A lot of Aussies… but will they get out of Australia due to Covid-19 restrictions?
  8. No Adam Jones – or any Americans in FMX or Best Trick
  9. Twitch is back!  And in a new discipline.  110’s
  10. Where will it be held?
  11. Only 2 Euro’s and 2 from Asia.
  12. Not many places to fill.

Also, thank you to John for finding the list before it was official!  Nice sleuthing mate!

Thank you to Rothaus Brewery from Germany for their unbelievable Tannenzaepfle Range of Beers and Alcohol-free beers for this show. If you want to find a Tannenzaepfle near you, here’s some helpful links!

If you can’t find it, let me know, let’s see if we can spread the German Beer Love around the world!


USA – St. Killian



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