The first major international FMX competition for 2021 is done and dusted, and there is a lot to talk about with this unique X Games event!  So much so, we will break it down into each discipline and bring in plenty of riders to give their opinion on the olympics of Action Sports.

This episode, we look at the overall impression of the event, with a new look X Games, to have each discipline outside of a major stadium and hosted at Riders Compounds was a huge side-step for ESPN.  But the made-for-TV event was still able to run, and after a 1 year hiatus, it was awesome to have X Games back in any format.

We go through everything from the difficult FMX Course, the judging, rider invites and those who weren’t invited, last minute changes, new ramps, new disciplines, new location, new riders, crowds and expectation vs reality.

In this episode, I am joined by former X Games Gold Medallists, Adam Jones and Edgar Torronteras, FMX Fact Checker Jamie Squibb, el Presidente Antonio Navas and we bring in some fan interaction with FMX Grizz to give their opinions on the event.

This is part of a small review series, so the upcoming 5 episodes will be dedicated to each discipline, so make sure to check them out in the coming days!


Freestyle Moto:  

  1. Luc Ackermann
  2. Josh Sheehan
  3. Rob Adelberg
  4. David Rinaldo
  5. Taka Higashino
  6. Harry Bink
  7. Jackson Strong
  8. Ben Richards

Best Whip:

  1. Tom Parsons
  2. Genki Watanabe
  3. Tyler Bereman
  4. Axell Hodges
  5. Jarryd McNeil
  6. Josh Sheehan
  7. Colby Raha


  1. Axell Hodges
  2. Colby Raha
  3. Jarryd McNeil
  4. Tim Ritson
  5. Banks Hovey
  6. Pat Casey
  7. Tyler Bereman

Best Trick: 

  1. Rob Adelberg
  2. David Rinaldo
  3. Harry Bink
  4. Josh Sheehan
  5. Jackson Strong
  6. Jayo Archer

Quarter Pipe:

  1. Colby Raha
  2. Axell Hodges
  3. Tyler Bereman
  4. Kohl Denney
  5. Jarryd McNeil
  6. Tom Parsons

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Freestyle Moto highlights
Best Whip highlights
110’s highlights
Best Trick FMX highlights
Quarter Pipe High Air highlights
Freestyle Moto
RankNameRun 1Run 2Best
1Luc Ackermann92.3350.6692.33
2Josh Sheehan89.6689.6689.66
3Rob Adelberg73.0089.3389.33
4David Rinaldo88.330.0088.33
5Taka Higashino87.3387.3387.33
6Harry Bink85.000.0085.00
7Jackson Strong63.6668.6668.66
8Ben Richards25.3356.0056.00
Best Whip – Final
1Tom Parsons
2Genki Watanabe
3Tyler Bereman
4Axell Hodges
1Genki Watanabe
2Tom Parsons
3Tyler Bereman
4Axell Hodges
5Jarryd McNeil
6Josh Sheehan
7Colby Raha
 Corey Creed
1Axell Hodges
2Colby Raha
3Jarryd McNeil
4Tim Ritson
5Banks Hovey
6Pat Casey
7Tyler Bereman
Best Trick
RankNameRun 1Run 2Best
1Rob Adelberg93.3388.6693.33
2David Rinaldo74.6691.6691.66
3Harry Bink90.330.0090.33
4Josh Sheehan87.3339.3387.33
5Jackson Strong74.000.0074.00
6Jayo Archer47.330.0047.33
Quarter Pipe
RankNameAttempt 1Attempt 2Attempt 3Attempt 4Attempt 5Attempt 6Height (ft)
1Colby Raha38’7″40’9″40’2″39’6″39’8″38’6″40’9″
2Axell Hodges33’6″36’6″36’3″37’2″38’8″39’2″39’2″
3Tyler Bereman30’1″32’4″33’3″32’10”35’6″37’0″37’0″
4Kohl Denney28’6″31’7″27’3″34’6″31’5″31’9″34’6″
5Jarryd McNeil25’4″26’4″26’11”25’7″28’5″27’10”28’5″
6Tom Parsons23’0″26’0″28’1″26’11”26’8″27’3″28’1″
7Corey Creed0’0″0’0″0’0″0’0″0’0″0’0″0’0″
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