The motocross discipline which measures style over anything else, returned to X Games 2021 with Best Whip and there was a huge shake-up in the results with surprise eliminations and a very deserving winner!

Tom Parsons brought the heat with some of the biggest whips ever done on a dirt bike, and he took the win over Wanky (Genki Watanabe) who has some of the best Turn Down whips as well. 

The only problem is, you’re comparing apples and oranges.  Speaking of apples, the Apple Farmer from Donnybrook, Josh Sheehan missed out on the Final 4 even after throwing some huge whips and a favourite for the event with more Gold Medals in Best Whip than anyone else, Jarryd McNeil also didn’t make the cut for the final which was a huge shock!

We cover all of that, plus the new course featuring a Double-Double line and then choices of ramps on the second jump, the invites (and riders who weren’t invited), the judging and everything else to do with Best Whip this year.

Joining us again for this episode is the man from Team Lleides, Antonio Navas, as well as one of Australia’s brightest stars for Best Whip in particular and a guy I think deserves a shot at X Games Best Whip next year, Tyler Wakeford who gives really good insights into each of the styles of whip including the traditional Seat Bounce Racer whip, Turn Downs and Turn Ups.  Returning with the fan evaluation is FMX old timer who still gives it a red hot go, Andy Christie, FMX Grizz from the UK and a new voice from one of our listeners from the Podcast, Dani_FMX.

Rounding out this episode, we have again the legend of Freestyle Motocross, one of the true pioneers of the sport and another guy who missed an invite for 2021, Edgar Torronteras.  Edgar has won Gold in X Games Best Whip, he’s been on the podium a handful of times, yet still missed a shot this year.  


  1. Tom Parsons
  2. Genki Watanabe (Wanky)
  3. Tyler Bereman
  4. Axell Hodges


  5. Jarryd McNeil
  6. Josh Sheehan
  7. Colby Raha

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HIGHLIGHTS Best Whip (3 minutes)
FINAL ROUND Best Whip (9 minutes)
FULL Best Whip runs (35 minutes)
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