This weeks Throwback Thursday Live companion was a huge one with the first ever FMX Riot 1 competition held in SoCal featuring some of the biggest names in FMX, Motocross and Freeride!

Clint Esposito and I step back in time when Freeride MX competitions were as rare as hens teeth but with riders who were ready to dominate the landscape they were given. FMX Riot 1 was held in 2 different locations of Glamis sand dunes and Ocotillo Wells (with 2 different days of competition there as well)

In this Riders Lounge Podcast episode, this is after we watched the video and had our discussion on what went down and some of the biggest impacts from the video.

One of the most important things we realised, when no one had landed a Freeride natural terrain backflip before and Twitch was ready to call it out at the start of the competition, that when the time comes and the moment arrives: Twitch and Metz are the guys who are able to rise to the occasion and deliver on something that had never been done before!

A huge thank you has to go to Paul Taublieb who allowed us access to do a companion of this epic series and we will continue every Thursday night 5PM EST with new episodes.

So what was FMX Riot?

8 Riders were invited to the first competition:

  • Busty Wolter
  • Mike Metzger
  • Tyler King
  • Derek Garland
  • Todd Potter
  • Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg
  • Graham Gustin
  • Bryan Dowdy

And Tes Sewell hosting the series!

Want to watch the full companion on YouTube? Check it out here at Two Wheels to Freedom:

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