A quick update to let you know NIGHT of the JUMPs will be returning to Munich this weekend and it got me thinking about the FMX Community and how it feels like it’s building again in recent times!

We just saw the return from retirement of Dany Torres in Berlin.

In Munich, Libor Podmol will be coming out of retirement.

Harry Bink will be coming to NIGHT of the JUMPs for the first time ever.

And Maikel Melero happily rented his bike to Harry (his competitor!) for the weekend.

Not to mention we just had the live stream from Berlin 1 month ago and the chat was integrated into the telecast from YouTube and how much cooler it felt to speak with all of the FMX fans around the world.

It just felt like I was back in the forums of FreestyleMTX.com or FMXAustralia.com like 20 years ago!

Did you get the same feeling?

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