Before having millions of YouTube views like today, Sebastian Westberg had a meteoric rise to the top echelons of FMX after winning the chance to ride at Red Bull X-Fighters as the first “Novillero” with a Fan Vote in 2016 in Madrid, Spain.   

But one day before the event, he broke his leg in the foam pit training on a Flair 540!  Somehow he slipped his foot into his boot and competed and made a name for himself in the famous Plaza de Toros Las Ventas bullfighting ring!   Since then, Seb has spent so much time creating his annual YouTube viral videos with fellow Finnish stunt rider, Niko Säkkinen on the Road Bike! 

The latest edition is out now, simply called DIRTBIKE VS. STREETBIKE 4.0 and is already going viral.  

You can watch here to see what the hype is about! 

Thank you to the listener’s of this podcast, who wanted to hear from riders on how they approach their Social Media, so this episode Seb discusses his secrets to his YouTube success with DIRTBIKE VS. STREETBIKE 2.0 notching up almost 20 million views, and the 3rd iteration at over 11 million views! 

We also find out what it’s like to try and ride in the snow and ice up in his native Finland, and what his plans are for the future after landing the Front Flip, looking at the Double Backflip and much more! 

Thank you so much to Seb for taking the time to chat and I hope you enjoy this new Podcast! 

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