Beating Axell Hodges on his home turf, Colby Raha broke the X Games record for Quarter Pipe Highest Air by sending his Husky 40 feet 9 inches to claim the Gold Medal in the 2021 competition, relegating Axell to a Silver medal.

Unfortunately, Corey Creed who held the previous record only one inch lower at 40’8″, was knocked out of competition, literally when he crashed the day before in practise.  Suffering a severe concussion and broken hand, Creed wasn’t able to back up his unbeatable performance on QP recently and had to let the other guys have a shot at it.

There was plenty of drama before the event when the invite list came out, with Kohl Denney and Guillem Navas missing their shots.  Only it was lucky for Denney, 2 days before the comp, he received his last minute invite and he near on secured a Bronze medal, until Tyler Bereman went for glory on his last attempt to sneak the Bronze away.

This episode I am joined by more riders than ever before on this mini-series of X Games reviews and I’m stoked to have some legends take time out of their day to give their opinion including the man who should have been there and competing, Guillem Navas (or @navaspetit823 on Instagram!).  Joining Guillem is his older brother, el Presidente Antonio Navas, FMX Legends Edgar Torronteras and Javier Villegas, Moto Comedian Clint Esposito, Weekend warriors Kevin Peterson, Andy Christie and FMX_Grizz and former X Games and X-Fighters Judge, Jose Gaspar.


  1. Colby Raha 40’9″
  2. Axell Hodges 39’2″
  3. Tyler Bereman 37’0″
  4. Kohl Denney 34’6″
  5. Jarryd McNeil 28’5″
  6. Tom Parsons 28’1″
  7. Corey Creed 0’0″

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