As one of Australia’s best Freestyle Motocross exports, and with many more years left up his sleeve, I think you’re about to get an insight into the mind of someone who’s on the edge of FMX greatness. 

While he has had some big wins like at the Nitro World Games a couple of years ago, and having a trick list longer than your arm and certainly more than he can fill his bar pad with, Pat unfortunately has some bad luck has come his way on more than one occasion, but the true sign of a champion is getting back up and carrying on. And it seems like nothing is really getting in Pat’s way on his path to the top.

Or wherever his path may lead him.

It turns out there’s a lot more to Pat Bowden than you may know. If this is the first Riders Lounge Podcast episode you’ve tuned in to, then you may be surprised to hear that actually Pat designed the logo for the Podcast before the first episode. 

So I want to say a huge thanks to Pat for that, and I’m guessing designing isn’t his number 1 priority, as he is a full time FMX rider… which is why you’re probably here and listening to this podcast, to understand what makes him tick… he actually does have his graphics company as a little side hustle called PB Creative.

So if you have any design work you are looking to have done, maybe Pat has a bit of time up his sleeve to do some custom work for you.


Pat Bowden IG:

PB Creative (Pat’s Graphic Design company):

Project Hayabusa:

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