We go deep into Industry Insider territory on this latest episode with the Chief Energy Officer of Nitro Circus Live and one-half of the ‘Skip This Podcast’ duo, Nathan Brown.

There’s so much ground to cover in this episode from the Metal Mulisha vs Crusty Demons days of 2005 to the Crusty Demons vs Nitro Circus Live battleground in 2009, Nitro taking over the world into the Mental Health and the very private and very real struggle and how he came out the other end with a new platform to help not only himself, but also many others with the podcast focusing on Mental Health in the Action Sports arena.

The crazy thing is, Browny stumbled into all of this not even as an Action Sports fan, but simply looking for a job in the newspaper and not wanting to mow lawns anymore.  Luckily Crusty Demons were hiring and Nathan was in the right place at the right time.

Now, arguably he’s seen much more behind the scenes than many of us ever could dream, with 17 years of touring the globe with some of the craziest human beings in the world.

Strap yourself in for the highs and lows of Browny’s wild ride and how he’s survived it all and helping many others who have tuned into his podcast as they discuss mental health, the journeys, struggles and ways to get help, throughout the series on ‘Skip This Podcast’.

I highly recommend you check it out and help keep the conversation going on mental health!  Share it with your mates!


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