What is it with Munich, Germany?

Has all the beer flowed into the river and everything goes a bit haywire?

Harry Bink unfortunately didn’t get the bike he hoped for when it cut out on him on the ramp, just before he was about to show the world what the Next Gen ramp is all about!

And with that, the World Team were unable to do well at all in the points chase, which led to a Team Spain win with Melero, Pinyol and Parra getting the victory on the night for their team.

Luc Ackermann only just beat Melero in the individual stakes by one point!

Anything could have happened, and it pretty much did!

This podcast is the audio only version from Clint Esposito’s Munich Review, and we were lucky enough to grab it and throw it up here to mask the fact that I lost my audio for the podcast! Haha, thanks Clint!

NIGHT of the JUMPs / Freestyle of Nations

Munich – 25.0 3.2023


1.   Team Spain                         448 Points

2.   Team Czech Republic      421 Points

3.   Team World                        403 Points              

FreestyleMotocross Run 1

1.    Team World – Brice Izzo                              57 Points

2.    Team Czech Republic – Libor Podmol       52 Points

3.    Team Spain – Abraham Perra                      40 Points

Freestyle Motocross Run 2

1.    Team Spain – Marc Pinyol                            67 Points

2.    Team Czech Republic – Matej Cesak        62 Points

3.    Team World – Harry Bink                             36 Points

FreestyleMotocross Run 3

1.    Team World – Luc Ackermann                     80 Points

2.    Team Spain – Maikel Melero                       79 Points

3.    Team Czech Republic – Filip Podmol         70 Points

Whip Contest

1.    Team Czech Republic – Matej Cesak             100 Points

2.    Team Spain – Marc Pinyol                              80 Points

3.    Team World – Harry Bink                              65 Points


1.    Team Spain – Melero/Pinyol                              100 Points

2.    Team World – Ackermann/Izzo                           80 Points

3.    Team Czech Republic – F.Podmol/L.Podmol   65 Points

Best Trick

1.    Team Germany –  90 Points

2.    Team Spain –    82 Points

3.    Team Czech –  72 Points

NIGHT of the JUMPs World Tour Ranking 2023 (after 3 contests)

1. Luc Ackermann (GER)           60 points

2. Maikel Melero (ESP)                       50 Points

3. Filip Podmol (CZE)                         44 Points

4.  David Rinaldo (FRA)                      36 points

5. Matej Cesak (CZE)                         30 Points

6. Marc Pinyol (ESP)                           28 points                

7.  Petr Pilat (CZE)                             24 points

8. Kai Haase (GER)                            18 Points

    Dany Torres (ESP)                         18 Points

10. Brice Izzo (FRA)                           10 points

11. Libor Podmol (CZE)                        9 Points

12. Harry Bink (AUS)                           8 Points

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