After his 2nd or 3rd coffee for the morning and while relaxing before riding at Petr Pilat’s jam in the Czech Republic, I caught up with the Italian Stallion, Massimo Bianconcini who has been around the traps for so long in FMX and at 41 years of age, is still going hard!

Having spent most of his career battling at the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Championships, it was after talking with Libor Podmol that would change the direction of Massimo’s career into Step Up, and with that came 5 World Championships at NOTJ and 3 medals at X games with 1 Silver and 2 Bronze!

One of his many projects is also the Ride n Roll brand, and you can check out the range here: and they ship all around the world! To check out Massimo’s Instagram, head on over to here:

All new Merch Store is available now.  Look awesome with Designs that we would wear ourselves, either in public or while getting some air.  Every sale helps to create more and better Podcast Interview content and keep this going for as long as there are people crazy enough like us, to risk their lives for 15 seconds of instagram content!

Thank you to Rothaus Brewery from Germany for their unbelievable Tannenzaepfle Range of Beers and Alcohol-free beers for this show.  If you want to find a Tannenzaepfle near you, here’s some helpful links!

If you can’t find it, let me know, let’s see if we can spread the German Beer Love around the world! Australia – USA – St. Killian Germany – France – UK – Thanks for Tuning in! Steve Sommerfeld #mx #sx #fmx #freestylemotocross #FreestyleMX #motocross #actionsports #motorsports

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