All I could see in my mind, was a newspaper headline saying “Idiot Australian lost in Indonesia Jungle”

What started as a disaster on my first ever FMX Tour of Indonesia, turned into a really cool opportunity to go riding in the jungle to the top of a volcano with Sheeny and Clinton Moore.  And then almost back to disaster again!

This is a short clip from when I joined Clint Esposito’s new segment, Crazy Action Sports Stories for the Two Wheels to Freedom channel.  

We did a video interview where I joined him to tell my one stupid / crazy story and thought I’d clip it for you guys to listen here as Audio Only.

I do recommend though, if you have time to watch it, it’s probably better to go check out Clint’s YouTube channel and watch the clip.  If you stay around and listen to the audio only, well thank you very much!

Video Interview on Clint’s page:

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