Undoubtedly one of the greatest ever Freestyle Motocross riders, Levi Sherwood stunned the FMX world when he won at his first ever appearance of the 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters event in Mexico City.

Levi then stunned the world when he retired from competition only 10 years later in 2019, at the age of 28, when he was seemingly at the peak of his career.

After a huge 2017 season, winning everything from X Games Gold in Freestyle MX and Best Trick, Nitro World Games and Red Bull X-Fighters, no one would have predicted Levi’s retirement. Is it a coincidence that Levi’s final X-Fighters was also the final ever X-Fighters!?

You probably already know almost everything about the Rubber Kid from New Zealand, so in this episode, we go into the process of retirement but more importantly his next step into engineering with CNC, Titanium and of course what he’s becoming so known for on social media, his Carbon Fibre work and creating his new projects. Motorcycle Manufacturer’s and Factory Race Teams spend millions and millions of dollars every year on development.  And Levi Sherwood, a one-man-band has modified his KTM 250sx to weigh in only at 89.5 kilograms wet (ready to ride, with fuel/oils/fluids!)

We cover almost everything, from Dirt Bike geometry, how a proper BMX 360 could be pulled, but maybe destroying FMX at the same time.   Also the work going into creating potentially a new Standard in Freestyle MX Ramp Production, and of course, his thoughts on what happened to Clinton Moore at X Games and that Next Gen crash.

Want to build the new Next Gen ramp!?  Here are the ramp plans!!
Next generation 75ft

Thank you so much to Levi for taking the time to chat and I hope you enjoy this new Podcast!

Links:  Levi Sherwood IG
Levi’s Engineering IG – Shogun Innovations 

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You can even watch the NOTJ e-FMX World Championships
Episode 1 – https://fb.watch/1S980yRDAp/
Episode 2 – https://fb.watch/1S99RoLHy1/

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