Fungi as I have always known him as, was one of the elder statesmen of the Australian Freestyle Motocross movement!  Jeremy Furniss broke out from the WA scene and was featured in the early FreeriderMX Magazines where of course most of us found out about anyone back in the old days and he had quite a good career riding FMX shows.

The combo-king grew up at a pretty incredible surfing spot where he actually met some younger famous names such as Kelly Slater and Rob Machado and it was this chance meeting which potentially changed his direction in life.  Watching these greats surfing his local spot and making a living out of having fun, saw Fungi look at possibilities within Freestyle Motocross.

Taking his passion from riding FMX to then organising events and ultimately one of the biggest competitions in Australia, Fungi has now moved into Tattooing and taking that same focus and drive into his new career which is absolutely booming.

Jeremy has personally helped me out in my early years of riding FMX competitions and even lending me his KTM250sx to ride some of the comps and shows and I will also remember that generosity.

A huge thank you to Fungi for joining me on this podcast episode, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did to catch up with an old mate!

For more on Jeremy ‘Fungi’ Furniss, check out his Instagram account for almost daily awesomeness of his art here: 

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