Buckle up! This is one rip snorter of a Riders Lounge Podcast interview with one of Australia’s greatest motocross exports who has completely taken the disciplines of Best Whip and Step-Up to new levels and he is clearly not scared to call a spade a bloody shovel.

Actually today, you’re going to be educated on the history of Freestyle Motocross.

As the intro goes… the first ever backflip on a dirt bike was not actually done by Carey Hart.

I am like 99.9999% of you who definitely followed the narrative of early 2000s FMX that Carey Hart at least attempted it first (and I guess the industry is divided on who actually LANDED it first between Hart and Caleb Wyatt who rode away) and while I heard rumours way back in the day that someone else had tried it, I didn’t believe it until I saw it. 20 years later… here we are.

Jarryd actually blew me away during the middle of this Podcast – I had no idea and I wasn’t really going to believe him until he sent me through a video showing it.  So that completely came out of the blue and I didn’t expect in this interview but I’ll upload the video and you can see for yourself.

But the real reason I wanted to catch up with Jarryd was to talk about moving dirt. I don’t think I have seen another rider so passionate about machines, excavators, skid steers, dozers, loaders, dumpers or anything else that can move tonnes of dirt and make jumps.

Oh, and talk about Whips!  Lots of Whips!


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Transcript: Terrible Accuracy, but hopefully helps people to find the podcast.

Jarryd McNeil – Throwing Whips and Moving Dirt

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Ten years before a guy did it on an RM80. Those guys never got any nothing, like… Because they weren’t dating pink or they want someone super famous like like like like bullshit it’s complete bullshit. Don’t get me wrong Carey Hart did it in competition use the first one and that was amazing that that tom was like. Whoa, what the heck. But if you had known about the two people that did it before him would it be different. You know what I mean? like way different and just crazy to think the people that have done that trip before I just never had any recognition for what they had done And they were the First people ever to backflip. Buckle up this is one rip snorter of a ride as launch podcast interview with one of Australia’s greatest motocross exports who was completely taken the disciplines of best whip and step up to new levels and he is clearly not scared to call a spade a bloody shovel based out of the usa. Now it’s Jarryd McNeil. I’m Steve Sommerfeld, your host on this wild ride of all things. FMX whatever nonsense. We carry on with but actually today. You’re going to be educated on the history of freestyle motocross. As the story goes with. Jarryd McNeil the first. They have a backflip on a dirt by was not actually done by Carey Hart now if you’re like me and the other ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine percent of people who definitely followed the narrative of the early two thousands. FMX, where Carey Hart and lease was the first person to attempt a backflip. And i guess. The industry is divided on who actually landed. The first backflip was it Carey Hart or was a Caleb Wyatt who right why now while i heard back then the rumors the back in the days someone else had actually done it. I didn’t believe it. Until i saw it and i never did see it. Twenty years later. Jarryd actually blew me away during the middle of this podcast. I had no idea. And i was really not going to believe him until he sent through a video showing it which he did so that completely came out of the blue. And i didn’t expect this interview to go that way. But I’ll upload the vdi yourself but the real reason. I got Jarryd McNeil on for this interview was all learn to talk about. I wanna talk about moving. To and I don’t think i’ve seen any other ride. So passionate about machines excavated skewed these doses load as donna’s or anything else that can just move tons of dirt and make jams a sword in the flesh when he flew in for a couple of days before dirt dig is back in two thousand and nineteen and he basically spent all of his time working on the jumps with us at that event and not even bothering to get over the jet lag or putting his bike together he just asked machine. Can i use. And he just helped us build the competition us because we really wanted to go over and beyond and build something that had never been put into freestyle motocross into a free ride competition. And Jarryd helped us make that happen and actually Jarryd input at the last minute also helped in creating history at that event. But we’ll talk about that. A little bit lighter now before we kick off a do want to thank my partners who have helped to make this rod as lange. Podcast possible and bring these stories to live in the best way to bring stories. The life as wall having a noise called tens f flabby from the german. Brewery roadhouse now as an amateur brewer myself when i stumbled on the tendons f la after riding at the german. Fm fx competition. The flight clubbing. B-barrack where i received attendance at as trophy. I was really impressed with that. Fresh crisp taste of attendance f libby. And now trying out the alcohol free version for about the loss. I’m completely sold. And i’m really enjoying it at anytime. Really like right now as editing. This podcast episode. Before I send it out to the world fi you to enjoy so. Let’s get this show on the road. I had a blast catching up with Jarryd. He’s one of the nicest guys in the game and who doesn’t mind chewing ear off and Jarryd’s allies had habes great ideas on how to improve the sport and i think his passion for making things bigger and better for everyone is almost unrivaled.

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So there’s a whole lot of topics covered in this one and easily could have gone on for hours long so i really hope you enjoy this new right as lange podcast episode with the guy who in my mind saris out the world’s biggest whips on the daily and who has a whole bunch of x games gold medals to back it up. Jarryd McNeil not. let’s let’s kick it off because we’re gonna triple shit anyway. Actually what. I did just say maybe was yesterday. You’re doing some knack next with jeremy mcgrath. What’s going on there. those sake. that’s childhood dream So sick we were down Watson ranch Apply so i used to live at back in the day. Karna when i was not i hear america The middle part of being here in the us and It was pretty sick because we hadn’t been there for like three years and twitch at monster organiz like a big free rod like konda disa- big gathering of is just oliphant walks of rod Across supercross guys freestyle is free. Rod is pretty much has twenty plus ride is out there and On sunday the ruin wasn’t the mcgrath was coming out over the weekend but we were wasn’t one hundred percent sure he’s just on the list and then on sunday morning we’ll walk up to mcgrath pulling in and it was pretty sick. I mean it was like you know. Don’t really get to rob with him very often. At all nominee many people get decided. I rode with the grass This is actually the second time. I rode with my rub with his ranch down in like san diego area. A few years. Back for Rising but those no ramps or anything they where we could kinda lock really session down with a bunch of rod. Those things being thrown around with We should do try and with mcgrath Everyone should do a knack train and we would other to him in austin. Hey would you be down to hit the seventy five ramp with us and do some knack trains and that somebody can tell me in just to get the eggs enron ramping awhile and is the display. Check someone to get the speed and he followed hill jimmy hill as hurry. I’m joshua allen and yet greece it next thing. We had twenty of us just doing a lot of Knickknacks one off to the other old different taught sieve. Naxos pretty sick. So as a childhood dream come true for a lot of us man. That is freaking awesome. Yeah i just sold that twenty rod as knack knickknack gallon for all that. That actually is dream. So it’s so cool to here. We are we talking about me. And actually jimmy hill sack were talking about it and we lock all you know like we’ll see the first person to a knack nak all gone back and forth about how became the name nack nack and then we’ll just throw things around like what wasteful the reasonings woah and. Then we actually move talking to him. Alexa like did the knack neck. Lock evolving news. Lock will be next trick like it was a straight up. Am extra we used to do it. On being mexico. The race ago is all the jump guys used to do knack next on bmx. So one day at rod now depth Remember who he said he was with but it was like. Let’s try and act on a deadlock. Buke we got we do it on. Bmx block trod on a moto and and sure enough it work. obviously it wasn’t a fool. Mcgrath stall knickknack was cock a peg peg peg-leg neck back then To what was what it is today in kota here that and then he’s lucky It’s just came can backwards and we’ll walk know why like jimmy. Carter said that to me is like knack Knickknack is cancan backwards. Oats the opposite to campaign and our denver. Really thought of it like that and then it’s like playing in plain sight. It’s like right in front of your face when you look at the letters but yeah he’s like it’s it’s it’s just knack net as just cancan backwards knack neck and we’ll know lie. Sorry funny. I actually here in that a long long long. Long time ago maybe twenty years ago are yet at the start of life amex magazine but i think actually i think he did the first one he might have told you it was like nineteen ninety-three something like was the first i don’t know if he said the date when we were talking to him but yeah something like that for sure.

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It’s freaking crazy so there was a whole bunch of guys this some big names. You’ve already rattled off. Yes and some massive big names out a obviously this twitch out there we had behrman axel call from estee we had call sealy. Spilka talk Jimmy jimmy hill josh hill Man who also have getting One of my buddies. Frankie my buddy richie Now there’s some there’s some big heavy hitters viki man to think of the forgotten some but yeah there was a law Tom parsons Yeah forget tom. Who had the biggest mack nack. Then before we move on biggest now of course it was national. I mean honestly as far as the biggest goes like. It’s side because like i would say tom. Parsons probably has one of the cool. Enacts fischel i mean honestly like is to hook my foot on the shifted to do knickknacks back in the day until i like started figuring out like the the pivot on you peg. One is to look at tom. Passan’s his knack next. mike. I’ll just wanna do and like tom dozen because he would like to whip the blackout and wyatt kind of flat and then he liked hangs offered like low luck. He’s kinda underneath So i honestly like. Tom passes probably one of my favorite next to watch so unlocked. Somebody that i tried to like kapisa for the knack next also. Tom probably has one of the biggest most stylish knacks unite like getting away from the black and looking really clean so he was pretty crazy. Like my buddy frankie. Hey does opposite knack. So he like knack nex- not off off. He takes his Gearshift shift foot off and flicks it on the other side. So that’s a little bit different He doesn’t do a massive massive but it’s just completely different Toddler biermann was doing knapsacks. I’d never seen him to enact mac before he did enact superlight like he’s legged Mogul like super super Like light at the end of the whip which was pretty swayed And then obviously talk coming a cot really act to save his law but he was he is heaven ago. That was funny like just to see somebody that can do. The biggest flip tricks in the world do knickknack and he was struggling. So you know. We had a variety of different knack next as pretty sick. When you see the trying you can actually just like sit back and look at all the different styles. ’cause like nearly everyone is a little bit different yuna that’s that’s hilarious. Yeah you’ve got guys who had just thrown the biggest staff and then the most basic trick the first one you’ll learn and that crazy isn’t that guys like if you asked me to. Do a cane can lock. Honestly like if i go ahead and try cancan. I’ll have to do one handed. Like it’s like i have to do that. One handed cancan. Because it’s like my foot and the area like having to cut down seat in being super short doesn’t help so lack the movement like it just sucks to be able to like not be able to do the most basic trick sometimes like the can being short just Quite hard like for me. A double kane is why asia and yes look it taka. It’s like he can’t do a knack nak but he can do a double neck. It’s like you kinda econo- like miss those those like basic little tricks and just move on so fast and so quick until i just the big stuff n we sometimes find that that stops easier as you notes. Like as kinda strange. Yeah exactly actually i’ll thinking about. Yeah with the cane cane on the side on toll told the new are still can’t do a single can like i have to do a double.

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Can i have to lift my foot up. Because i just can’t get we squeeze my leg. Throw him like that is the second trick you learn. And i can’t do that with a after. Hook my foot under the shift like go off in like click on the ron wyden go from first to second like a foot hook and i just hold on and that’s how i have to cannibalize my inside foot. Just just wants to come off the peg anyway. So it’s like amazon. Do double can you know you are asking for trouble magic. You’ve hit a false neutral when you do. I did that on everything you know. My dad handed whips are hooped. Must’ve been My style one-handed knack neck like that. That song that we do That’s hooped gay. When i flipped when i do not handed flips like click third i used to hold second flips off the live but holding on your foot like the pressure when you pull back just like yanks on the on the shifter Lot harder and it kinda makes you flip a little crooked now just flip and then click the gear and then take my hands off but like the whole foot hook on your shift to thing is it is a bit weird but other something i’ve done for so long you know like the travis pastrana recline like a one foot of recliner thing too lazy thing. It’s like that’s hooked with the shifter’s while i never actually hooked on the gala a knob i. I have the foot. Yeah off and one. I had to like ida breakdown. Pull it up. sorry. I got my fingers like riding close to the The salt and you like who. I have one of them off got one of them off. Kenny bought from back in the day. One of the original Is a temperatures dude. The makes them all said. Yeah it was about that. Said he I have one of his original ones had back in the day. Actually i think i gave it to pull smith so that’d be that’d be on his on his block somewhere wherever that black win but Yeah it was. A a foot hooked. You did the same thing and had blocked a little bit of a cable. Coming out of the top with the little pace on wasn’t piece of metal that was bolted to it. And you just pulled up on a yet. I would pretty good on. I wanted to get one. But then i got mine off a jose. He was mike on down in spain and yet work pretty good. And i mean that was enough for me actually speaking of hoax Since we’re already on the whole knickknacks and everything like that. One of my favorite tricks of watching people do it by doing it. Myself was the like the obstacle yet reverse of you call it like way you whip but then you whip up to turn down with the nack nack. Yeah and and. I love that one. But i found so i got a foot hoop from hanis ackerman to learn seat. Grab flip spot. It’s a hook on the brake lever. So you type like the little thing off. Yeah put this little hook on. And so i need grab lips with a and i remember that hollis had the like because i to hang out with hanis a fair bit. He’s like my favorite. Like i wanted to and just because of that guy. He’s like my favorite gym at six. I remember exactly. I think his head like a little bit of grip type on the nathan. Maybe -actly that’s along like a flat one with a group type on. Yeah it’s super ugly. Body gets the job done and i use the seagrams flips. And then i found to do the op nak was i could do it like i just hooked in and i could swing as hot as i wanted but you’ll do l. Egg yes okay exactly so under your left and then putting your gear shift to foot over exactly yeah opposite but can you do a knack neck. The other why not do so. I only in one direction. I can’t whip the other way to save myself. But no i even if we’re doing like little transfers to the right i can’t do it like the back of your block goes out to the rot crannies always event. And then you kick over that way too but then but that’s that’s for an op neck.

00:20:02 – 00:25:01

But if do not yet went onto a normal regular nights like yours you. You’re saying if you do a normal neck you do at the other side. None like normal. Knickknack is the only noble fight off with using your rot foot out of the black. Yeah yeah yep so. They don’t do your opposite up. Nak is opposite. Why exactly yeah you can do neck both save up knack all turned down to the rot and still take and still take my normal neck foot off. Does that make sense. So my knickknack am i up. Neck are still use the same foot rod. Naw darn opposite the yeah. We ate On on never learned to whip the other way. I tried and tried. And i just i don are my brain conduit my body conduit our water is just i still try like i still try the motorcross tracks like if i can learn to whip the other way that’ll be my goal until the mafikeng. Somebody’s going to teach me. Because i’ve written for a long time in ridden with a lot of people are still haven’t worked at abbott bigger. I think you’ll figure it out. Thirty what am i now. Thirty seven this year. I haven’t figured it out yet. What’s your team like. I don’t like do it off for me. they feel different opposite whips. But then it’s like. I don’t know like turn downs. Fill different both ways. But i can do both ways. Whips can do both ways I have a favorite side and a not so favorite saw but not opposite side. I try and still do the same exact movements as if i was doing Like literally copy does movements if that made sense like yeah like i just i just try and mirror them. Basically i’ve tried to mirror them of almost crashed. Every gonna get onto this. I’m gonna look like Jarryd McNeil. Aw not on still coming in sideways to the it’s just walk with your throttle being different feeling different like the way what feels comfortable to you. This is like when you bought. It’s like locked into the steering and stuff like that. Dispels adults feel a lot different. Yeah i mean. I can tweak it out yeah i could. Jim whip that way but it doesn’t look that good and it certainly doesn’t feel that good. Yeah yeah. I never feels that good. It feels awkward familiar. Look even for your turn downs. Both ways don’t feel weird but not a main as we it is. I already feel but lack. As far as what i do like a seatbelts whip. They both feel like my irregular. Feels comfortable Opposite just feels like not very comfortable. It’s just a weird. We’d feeling man doesn’t cry. And then with all of your whips already said now with max and dobnak of one hand axe. Did you get a nar handed. Knock once on. I’ve done those before you have done our handed nine but this so they hard but lock you never get. You’d never get locked into be lock ataka national with a hand off. Maybe like what you say somebody. I ride nasdaq. And they like they’re like knee is at the seat. And then their legs lock pointing in there. Coca behind jeremy mcgrath. It’d be walk that because there’s one kid my buddy called me from arizona. Who actually does a pretty decent. Now handed knack. It’s not a massive knack but it’s it’s it’s pretty sweet. Lucky does a pretty good job of it. He’s the only person that can do it like off. What is his name. ’cause i think somebody told me about him not long ago call. What’s called last time right. His from what. I can say like he does like maybe click a flips and couple of other flip. Tricks is the. I don’t even know last night. I should ask him after the little.

00:25:01 – 00:30:02

Scroll through instagram and finding might about if it’s the same going i think you talking about looks like he’s a different. God look forward to in the few day. Call me thirty two on the score. One that’s came out to my plice lead. How to do i taught him how to do flips in the pit of seventy five. Oh he’d already down done. I mean the ps back but never never to do so. He came out the farm and Hanging out for wall and style doing flips nice. Killing is got super flips kota flips. And all that kind of stuff. So yeah he’s he’s a sick rata like his is pretty bad us. that’s cool. Oh well then. I guess the. The rumor meals brought account. Remember who told me to keep an eye out on him. But things like the hanna. Hanna appropriated naming now. Maybe the hayes Rods with the rods on freestyle. Kings goes to sean and all that so wrong is a good good good on man. Oh well he’s got a good teacher. Then because i was actually going to ask even so one hand take off with. Yeah that’s another one. I wanted to find your one hand. Take off thing with your foot clicked into second year. Then on the run-up yeah come on our wit seat grab. How the hell do you do that. One and especially on a quarter part Is quarter pa either. All the whip off the off. The ramsey grabbed like basically you deceit Not obviously not cranking at lock you would if you were doing. A prophecy You like do a unlock hof Whip an-and basic. It’s really awkward. Honestly it’s unit that first part of like a secret when you’re trying to find your The grab and saga and the box. Rotate and away from your super. We need in its lack. I dunno it’s all it’s all we’d like. There’s a lot going on. That’s how that’s how that feels. Like your hands come together because you like whip the also the like. The handlebar comes zine towards your stomach so you trying to lock lean back a little bit trying to grab at the same time while it’s whipped out such a pretty good one. The loss podcast. It’s the most awkward part is when you wanna come back on you kinda lock. Get out so. I always doubt to grab and then you like literally just pull like i just pulled a whole body over the rot. Sodomite handle by so like literally. I could crouch monkey. Like over my handle by two said the white of the black and where i am at cardiff figures itself back out because if you if i didn’t pull myself on the why did like you would almost just not. It would just not come back if that makes sense. I am but if i didn’t like crafts myself over the baas and like inlet this little bowl position coming back on the body position really helps a loss pot of that trick. It’s like it’s a super. We’d trick to come back onto the block from. I don’t know why but it’s as it’s really hot. Actually man looks awkward. Annoyed guys can do it. And that’s why. I wanted to ask about that one. ’cause yeah you do it on the normal ramp then. I saw the colder focke. Like that wouldn’t feel fun. And i used to lock do it like if you do an off the side seat. Grab off the side. Not hot so i feel like that trick. There is more squad. Do a whip seat grabbed block that they normally like whip the blackout. Lock us off the side. Ha you know what i mean. Which is which is a bit different. They contact your Pushed away from each other like you. The seat the seat to lift. And you’re on what’s on the throttles to the rot whereas mine actually to get up if that makes sense like why throttle hand and my secret. Panda actually locked into poland. Yeah everything like pulling in close which is different and the blocks like flat like it’s like more like a flat. lana condoms. so it’s like. It’s a little bit different than what gaza have done in the past with secret whiskas this nali dudes don that the other stall seagrams whip where you would get like almost like turned down like a whips blackout sought wise more than flat. They lie yeah like heart attack the out. Connor exactly think sitting in my room. I’m sitting in the kitchen here. Dislike mom’s up in the edges waving around lock. I’m doing the tricks we. We should’ve actually kip. The video on like i want to do.

00:30:02 – 00:35:03

The video should’ve chalked it on canadian in the hands on every way. That’s why i don’t have the video on for these like if you’d see me right now Probably like i’m kinda doing the same thing. Thinking about the trade off is doing this gone. My little figure ania. This was one of my little toy. Black rod is out into started. Shalam show intel gone into dried one show until probably still on that great twelve man. What’s he ever whip trick. Then before we move on I think probably the flat law like to save bounds. Yeah just like you up hands on the baas just flock. Throw the block out wise. I love like looking through my looking through my I guess like through my hands down towards the ground like when you stretched out like of superman dislike is hanging onto the black so i always think that one feels pretty sick or Handed with those two. Probably my favorite to to variations. But then again. I’ll love to a mind. You seems like a lot lightly out free riding in the hills on like hip jumps of being able to do that. One handed knack glock auto Even really have a name for but it’s wet Basically taking your right leg and you’re right off the black and i’m like swinging over on. Sc cool that one feels really cool and it seems like a tricky can do on like takada like stand out in like little hip jumps and stuff where. It’s a little bit different. She’s not a whip every jump. You know man. I wouldn’t even be able to do that on a perfect. Twenty three seventy five foot ramp like we can clicking off hit like holding you offer a year like being out in the hills a lot lightly so like jump like a little before the lip on a jump is like a lot of like run up jumps to get to the jump so like they might be like a little ski jump over like a little valley in like have fifty sixty fatal whatever to get the speed on the job and so like coming off like a little ski jump holding up sick gear some pretty weird stuff to be able to do that trick in the hills. It’s quite technical but it. It really works. Man that’s cool. We’ll actually another one that you are up to you. Just put some awesome. Video is out the other day you’re out in the sand genes like a weekend two weekends ago. How was that galvin footing. The paddle eireann. And how many calls did you put on your bike there. I pretty much road. My full fifty. It was brand new at the start of must it around. Feb end of january started feb Only about a month. Yeah lever Chick ells on it but Only roads sand on Glamorous twice dumont Out in the high desert like pretty much only road sand on I think the first time was Ride extrovert cli- on it. So it’s been Bain sick like in ten years of living in the us and obviously it’s what three hours to the sand dunes which is not far from a wide. But this never go. I just never. I’ve never really had the chance to go like. We’re always so busy not to say that. I’ve had the chance to go back at the wrong time of the year because obviously in summertime and stuff like that you don’t want it gets like a hundred twenty degrees fahrenheit so in a european the like forty forty five degree celsius without which is ridiculous to be at the sand dunes so Yes normally when. I’m home on In those in that kind of weather around x. Games and stuff. And then most of the touring europe in old or stroller and stuff when the weather is good here to go this Miss it a lot and as go at this year we’ve had a lot of time obviously lost year and this year to be able to spend time out in the out in the hills so trying to take up as much time out air as i can so Paddle superweeds something like.

00:35:04 – 00:40:01

I’m not used to that like i mean. I’ve grown up in the sand like a lot of sand rotting racing motocross Adami area with client sand. Where i’m from industry so i grew up riding san but i mean i’ll say hills where i was from would just really mellow there was no free-riding or anything like that. You put like a murder track sandhill industry but out here. It’s like massive sandhills like huge. Like seven hundred told. Looks like they like the massive and You’re you’re able to just go full. Fifth gay gaping office sandhill and launched to another one and the has pretty. There’s nothing lock it it’s different. It’s honestly pretty scary When you hit lock jump on a motocross track which is night out clio. You hit a free rod. Jump in the hills the spade and the jump normally conned match up but but sand dunes. It’s just like everything to block has on most of the jumps and travelling so fast. But you’re only jumping a hundred feet Fifty a hundred feet. Where that’s we wear it slack. In on a clay jump might be stood gear Yeah so they can be able to get there. Yeah so death so different locating jump up traveling quite as Like they’re obviously don’t get me wrong. There’s some big jumps they were you. Traveling faw salvo. You’re only jump in one hundred feet and it’s like you fourth fifth year off the jump just because it’s a different lip Mellow longueuil Just differs is different. So i’ve i rory I probably only jeans a couple of times but We were down. I think it’s nisa jeanine south estrada. Millicent lancelot him. Wi auburn w. failures lance lance slim was my i have apply sarah dunes proper dudes. Yes same same for me too. Yeah long long. Long time ago. I rise crashed my brains out five. I didn’t know what a soft spot was off to me. He’s like peanut across a flat spot. And then the sand just like had an air pocket in it honestly going wide open over the bosnian like owed. Oh i think it was. I think it was a white all’s in elsa lance lynn. We will film in bihar maniacs. And those his fifth gear japan it was kind of like a trance further. We were jumping off the left hand side of peaky sand gene and just like transferring dan and just as fast as you wanted to go. You could kind of keep going. And i’m just gonna keep work my white up the hall Bit more air and yeah. Chime in fifth tapped sam pocket wrought at the top and there goes the bike like i just did the biggest bob hope in the world like that aligned was not gallon with me at that socks. And they’re like. Oh yeah that was just a self pokemon. What the fuck is a softball. Like bauxite is saying. There should be able to hold me in. Non saying sand doesn’t work like that s so different size. What’s what’s the difference than lie. Did you find a difference. Let’s say from lance in australia to the san jeans there in glamorous and jim on like is the sand different textural videos from america and it just looks like everybody’s going so much bigger in. The bike isn’t sinking in the sand. Like it feels like in australia. You just did. You have a paddle parham. The first two days for the next three or four days. Yes because i realize died couldn’t go anyway. Yeah even hard to find and destroy. Wouldn’t i wear to fall ended. I was too cheap to get it at the star. And then and then i realized when all is the only one who couldn’t jump everything. Yeah i needed to go get crazy out here and i sell a paddle. I feel like freakin sixty bucks. Norway locking fathallah off of like walmart and stuff out here for luck sixty bucks. It’s been crazy like industry appropriate two or three hundred bucks for paddle on. Don’t even know how much i paid for.

00:40:01 – 00:45:02

It wasn’t sixty bucks. Yeah that’s still you can get them everywhere over here like Here you say you had paddle. Like and when i went to lance on it was straight just like might may with my motorcross blackhawk galles rising one rue we just went out to lansing because it was caused by to sos like we just road what we had. You know what i mean. Like on the pallet on to fifty f. out versus what we had but Honestly like thinking about lance bass san canal. Josh remember allah’s to Think we was sending it National that week so i didn’t also had a broken wrist. That shouldn’t have been riding with laws side for that lance lynn trip. When i went there had a bryce from my hand and stuff and it wasn’t wasn’t fun it was fun because i got the experience doing to vista on but it wasn’t fine ’cause situation but Honestly like just with textures of the the off out dumont which is apnea las vegas Was the first time being to a couple of weeks ago and that was like pretty heavy sand like it was a lot of fun like you could land a job and it wasn’t so like softbank you wouldn’t feel like you’re going to go over the basel time and stuff like that and no nice was like Bad off sam A smaller area. It’s not like as big as glamis glances juice huge but Dumont was really fun. The dunes sick. You could find a lotta cool jumped. Said glamorous is pretty soft like you can find really soft spots in the air pocket of areas and things like that is a lot more people out there a lot more going on so like you not just wiring about the jumps. But you’re wearing about side. By sides in dune buggies installed. So it’s a little bit nala econo- knowing where you go to be in that way like have spotted Able but The the definitely a big difference in the sand on felt like between those two places Yeah but sweet. I mean the biggest problem we have with the wind is just like toronto taument. Let’s not so windy out there. black The first off the noon we had at glamis like A couple of weeks back was really Afternoon right but then. The next day was just really bikers. Windy and bad in the same with doom on thursday was really sweet in the afternoon but then the next day was just blown out a windy. So it’s you gotta wait for the perfect day and kind of. It’s good to go there after a win because off to the wind because the jumps form up and takes away like the side by side mocks and all these other soft spots and stuff like it economy makes it like clean slight again. So that’s when you wanna go there off to the wind because it kind of shapes up the lipson makes all the landings and stuff smooth so you’ll kinda lack fresh marks and and it’s kinda hotter that point. oh man. I wish. I had the luxury when all was going genes could just white. Yeah for the white for a good wages did it. When we could between. Yeah i remember. Yeah i destroyed my bike Because we’ll ride in the genes in the middle of the week and then travel into showers on the weekend. It’s our poor old to strike was just fierce gear wedged in. Yeah go to a show on the weekend and lost wanders. Bob bang bong. It was jed not good on non seattle. Just take my four fifty up because it’s a lot more power may As if made a rod out there most dudes pick the full stroke like audra. The do that flog the full stroke out bed Good freestyle walkout there. Obviously if you have the choice so if you had the tourists yeah exactly well. You seem pretty set up over there in the us. Actually before we on ma wife did want to say it was to see you in germany. What year before at red bull dirt diggers You’re a great ride on bought. Actually she just watches the McNeil pham browse in. That’s that’s the most viewed instagram by janette house for my watkins looking at that.

00:45:02 – 00:50:05

But yeah like uso set up over there. You’ve got a cow in yet. You’ve got an instagram account. Just feed animals. it’s cool. How did you end up over in america. Had it happen and joined up with a pit cal. Fire out man on even even now I guess how ended up here from rotting. Yes pretty pricy. Like i guess Caught of getting introduced through bilko chem sinclair the to cross damon. So i guess in Cross damon’s to unlock a regional to us. Oh got to shepherd and show. And a ouagadougou. Show that a festive. A cross shows a main jackson strong with the problems on tour. And obviously jack out bain onto a bit. He is doing all the oldest show stops. I was lucky. I could get onto a couple of kinda shy myself. And what two thousand nine. I got to do my very first ever tour of sees with across st so we went to new zealand. That was really also manila’s mixing it up between writing supercross and motocross and doing free stall so two thousand and ten rolled around Was caught of on. The fanciful is gonna rise again. Or what else going to do. And nacho circus started evolving for the lodge show that is caught a chance to rod onto a which was funny because at that same time. Always messing around with the backflip and Contraband a little bit of a bit of a girl about it. Didn’t really want to commit to doing it today. And i was on. I got put onto a to do a backflip with all my other stuff and couldn’t commit to doing the backflip. So mock poor told me to kicked off and so actually missed actually missed the very first notch circus. Show in brisbane. Dr. because i didn’t flip for it and we lock was lucky because we were out practicing at nights place in the fog pit travis was doing flips with some people to put in the show and always practicing the phone to flips. And that was the week leading up to the first nacho show in transit samy doing whips in get pretty cranked and stuff on the seventy five foot ramp. That was there. And i actually had to sit in the stand and watch the show which was pretty crazy and then the second show was the second or third show was at sydney. The following weekend. so matty lewis. My one of my best night’s replaced moss fall. And hey actually took the whole group down in a fiscal backflip off the seven. And so he was kinda out he got injured and he was a out. Then they brought in joe brown for the second show in seville the friday. Show saturday show a sunday show so matty crash. The friday show. Saturday show was joel brown. Replace mattie hey crashed and they like saturday not elect Jarryd if you can pin it to see from danila cohen which is like an eight hour drive if you can get. He bought tomorrow and do a show for us to are not. You’ll be back onto a you just have to do whips and tricks and i’m like sick. That’s pretty zia. Roy me up so pinned it to sydney main dad seafood. Got in the show. Did it then back onto the next round was melbourne and like this is a week apart so think about it like the first week i sat there watched the next weekend i go back onto. The third weekend was melvin. Mahomes show go back onto her. Like for that. And i was like to do my thing. And travis had a gone from x. Games coming back from x. games china. I think that must be like one of the loss of a game. Shows like china shows that they did back in the day. Oh she probably familiar with does. Yeah yeah the guy was coming back. And he was stopping in. Wanted to check out. Some rodriguez and travis is like yeah you need. You need to look at these. Jarryd McNeil look at his whip but it was kind of my turndown was like my big thing then and so.

00:50:05 – 00:55:01

He watched me at the show that we finish off the rest of the tour and july was coming up in travis was kinda messaging me back and forth which mind you travis was. Why all auto accused my childhood auto. I got to meet travis that same year two thousand ten for the very first time which was amazing but then having him vouch for me three weeks later to get to x. games and then a couple of weeks before x. games. I got a phone call from them. And from travis saying hey pack your bags you come into america so like a lot of stuff happening really quick in like three weeks went from lock being down in the ditches to ban off to ought to then being invited to x. games literally probably a month i was went from one extreme to the alba of going from my dreams and hopes of ever being a professional rawda a gone because i didn’t flip seventy five to dude coming to america to compete in with. That was like what what’s going on like this is crazy you know like if matty lewis joel brown never crashed. I wouldn’t have had my job again. I would not be here in america. I can guarantee that it’s some weird shit’s happened for my create a end up. He came to america. It’s crazy had my nineteenth birthday on my very first x games gold silver medal in my nineteenth birthday and Monster came knocking at my door off to that. Sponsors start rolling in Had holiday visa that time bouncing Seco noni deisel sixty whatever it was and then gug acts with stri. Spent a couple of weeks Bounce back and i had a place to live and a blackout here from wheel rod modeled sponsor back in the day and a truck to get around. It was pretty sweet so I guess dude. I just kept coming back like most all these that come over here. Rice’s free stall Generally like that only stay here. That kinda bounced back and forth in I feel. I felt like that wasn’t something if you wanted to leave. He had just knuckled down and stay here. And and that’s what i did. I just stayed. I just kept Back here on the vases and then moving up and getting better vases and just staying here. In putting in the time in networking and riding and getting sponsors and yet all led to eventually may being able to get ahead in financially and get a property of my own so A bought a place out here tonight. A property at the back of temecula area. He aware most of the freestyle is especially at that time. There was a a massive. Coal group of freestyle is Wisconsin a bit smaller than it was back in the day. But the up tonight lakers and Yeah eventually Met kelsey Had some previous relationships and then met kelsey in Basically she was all about wanting a kale. And i grew up on a dare. I grew up on a dairy farm with the six seven. Hundred of the things. I mean always loved cows like they’ve always been cool animal. I locked them. But i never really thought of having one is a pet and she was just like i want us go to have scottish while under an Sucked me into getting on. Yeah it’s pretty awesome now. Have got a Month nine month old scottish honda mellow who’s pretty bad ass. Go to two pit bulls rescued. Oh so ruga. Ruga is one of them. He’s the one that rods on the dip with me. And then luke slack the silent assassin who runs around and kills rabbits Yeah it’s Zoll evolve but it might go. This is going into my eleventh year now of being. Yeah so yeah. that’s incredible. I think we could wrap up the interview now. And we’ve covered everything. You pretty much covered every question. I was going to ask in one all in one. I didn’t even have to think about it. That was incredible. Might look at old kind of like loop stop into one story because it’s like a really like it has to be one story almost like be broken up but it’s like just to tell you.

00:55:01 – 01:00:01

That story is like in a just with getting on tour in turin like Karna leads up at sis. I it’s so knowledge like i. It’s it’s real but it’s unreal like it’s lesson not real like ’cause you mentioned being a kid just as you will like you probably never thought you gonna leave in europe and through the things that you’ve done in the companies that you’ve worked for and with and You know running running a freestyle show and doing all that stuff. It’s being a small town country kid from australia. You can only dream. And it’s like so crazy to think how far a lot of us also have gone a lotta rod have gone and people you’ve met like this probably seventy people you’ve met in law that every other disciplines or other areas of all the sports and you like oh men that person made it up. That far like is just insane. Exactly how would have did they do that. And yeah i’m the same as you sit back and i’m like hell hell did. I even end up. He and the whole that whole story. You just said this. So many parts that i as you were saying a stodden remembering it our member all of those things that you said And i guess for my point of view. I was also supposed the bay on that cross tour in all white actually seven. Yes because schuler was trying to get me on an i was riding with shui everyday. And he’s like is land that fucking backwards to as i had every other upright tree. And he’s like just do the backflip and you’re onto and you’re like me you kind of struggle with it for six years farming farm to landing on the took me six years. It’s ridiculous and i remember us doing those first couple of shows and he’s not flipping all hang shui. What’s going on here. And that’s because young also grow always considered. I was considered like a young girl. Then exactly i was like i was calling old back then far out and yes she. We just kept saying. Just do the flip and every year. Do the flip. And you’re on the cross. The tour and i would say the bitch out or odd crash doing something else. I never actually crashed. Trying the flip. I have got isn’t a crazy. Hey you crash doing all this other stuff and we were always just like you know. I flipped the soup akiko. I flipped like a chalked rampant fifty five foot. but like. you can’t go to across the show jump of ever hit and seventy five. There’s no other small. So it’s like you you’re flipping what everyone else’s flipping or you don’t have the job and it’s like you know we will go on crash on other tricks. Ends like magin if we just crashed on the district and we just did it like you just like got it out of the white and same what happened but then again you won’t take it back. I don’t take it back to me. That’s what made a good probably three two or three years like think. Other seven was the first time i’d backflip. The big block in the phone paedophile a super kika. And i didn’t oh seven so took me what ally so the two thousand two thousand an entity that To ten was the first time. I’ve flipped to auto sandpile and a good three years. Roughly there that. I couldn’t commit to doing it too but i could do it in the phone like no problem of any ramp. Didn’t matter seventy five foot. Superkick guy didn’t matter. I’ll do it but i just couldn’t commit to the until i put the sand paul with the super kika and it just took a long time but then i don’t regret it black. It helped me back from tours. Help me back from some shows but it was like a data the dialogue don obey doing it for what eight nine years now and i seventy five clip was two thousand twelve so yes seven to two thousand ten two hundred and ten was my first back to dirt but not all seventy five and then two years wideout was my first seventy five. So that’s a good five years of working on the back lit one stupid trick and there. There was then as the other part of that story. You tell about matti lewis and joel brand. I remember that as well. Because i think did matty lewis. Wipe out like bill.

01:00:01 – 01:05:03

Carr me. Maybe yeah and our member. He was like hung drawn and quartered for that like yeah. He was roasted by everyone. And and the funny thing was not but a little bit later on down the track after a work with shane and clinton and managing them with With my other with company investment management and then always looking at joel brand because we were always competing against each other like he was like my mind. Go i like the rfid. Grant from my. And i thought man joel. He’s like he’s got the right attitude he’ll he could be big so i started managing joel and i got him into fuel events and he was doing really really well and matty lewis was the fourth guy was working with it. It’s just funny in the ali’i as my best friend of mine do remember all that nail. I just wanted coming back and then you finish it off. The you’re actually a dairy farmer. Dairy we up in queensland. We only had the one hundred milk because maybe another twenty or thirty flight in iran. Yeah how many you say you had like six hundred or seven hundred. Had all almost seven hundred eight one stage. That’s a lot of cows. yeah did you have. We had six hundred acres while els one one farm that we had another one was called cheeks. Thousand other farm aban Say two or three hundred maybe and then we had another one that was like another hundred or so bought. That was we actually laced the third one that was just to grow high the the other two properties while we laced Earned an end the big dairy farm we on so the sheriff on was obviously old alike. Irrigation fields like green grass with the cows would graze in that then the Two forms one. We are in one we laze. They will just say just to make hay forecast. So yeah there’s some pretty big following the l. Yeah we lock my parents one of the first Rotary dairy farms in victoria. I think back in the day like one like one of the original. Yeah so so. You had like fifty at a time. We had fifty house at a time. That will get milked on that big spinning rod. Yeah we had a pretty big pham we went. I was a kid our member. We had last night at a time. Yeah just like old full old school. And then i think when i was about ten help and dad and another block. We built the new shed. I think we had opted twenty at a time then on by saw like a herringbone or whatever. It’s called hearing barn that snow on exactly and that took us like two hours to milk. Cows now owning in two thousand naught helena to take you to a six hundred seven hundred ally all young so i’m thinking like maybe women’s the farm when what ten years old around two thousand one two elsewhere ten or eleven must’ve been so the also be three or four alex for shoal of milking that will arise but then some some counts were all Lockwood dry him off and so they might have a good couple of hundred that withdrawing off in that time. So i’d like there that would rotate certain Outside decent five hundred gif five hundred loss cows every everyday man. that’s not only will this There’s only one other dairy farmer unknown know in australia. And that’s all brad. Butch us has taken over showtime actually. So we’ll have to get in touch yong. Yeah that’d be cool story to because it’s like that’s crazy because like i want. My buddies rigo was his neighbor. All rigo yeah so He like i became best night’s who’ve rigo istat. Actually when we moved off one avail properties. out danila quinn house. I gave rigo my son pit so we ended up making a compound. He always had a compound but we might end up making a bit. Better compound at his place is often moving the armpit and all that there but bradberry Was like super small weld when i started rotting with the chief because we had cullman night.

01:05:03 – 01:10:00

You know like it was pretty. That would go on tour at shot. It was like we had a mutual night Which is really sweet Veggie such a such a legend is koda say gary poss. That on tyke locked. That’s he’s gonna do sic yet. I was pretty not not at all surprised but it was just cool to say this week. Yeah yeah it’s pretty surprised because you never think get rid get rid of anything at god is not have heard a lot like More respect to gary. It’s like That’s c. You passed it down to somebody that deserves it and met whether or not he boarded a whatnot. Another but it’s like what he did. Hit a deposit down the bitch to keep that going. Keep the program running. Gary’s going to go do his other stuff look as pretty cool I’m pretty pumped about that. You know ’cause gary could have just closed down. Walked away from whatever. He don done whatever he wanted so yeah. It’s pretty awesome. Yeah i think if if brad burge can run showtime i think it’s called airtime nancy again if he can run that lucky packs of van. Like it’ll be just in tip top shape odd missing anybody’s vein so press dane everything in its place as as i saw brad. Butch that was frustrating but Something to say it was a good lookin’ van yet not here. He stayed at his house. And stafan like a law up in queensland and blockage. He’s off with shells milwaukee. Meanwhile lock as far as like. He’s a he’s a businessman that rods. Almost like you wouldn’t think it but he’s just everything is organized like he’s just he knocks out the stuff that he needs to knock out any rods like he. It’s every house it’s clean and spotless. It’s like only stuff in order. He has a routine like to me. It seems like he has his shift together. A absolute opposite. Have my shit together but long an email. Sit there for a little bit before. I respond a height. I you know. I’m trying to get you for this. So much on this so exhauted about riding in like being out doing stuff in like the stuff that i really should be paying a little more attention to Off unlike always go go go by. I did why up yesterday with a nollie headache. We’re bain rawdon As saw i was pretty pretty cooped but That wasn’t an excuse yesterday. Like i generally woke up yesterday in all bait lot. All of us voice spoke up yesterday. We were just like it was honestly locked hung. But we weren’t drinking. You know it was like we just saw burnt-out like we did last week. We did some filming with bad billy media Out in the dunes out in the ritchie canyon. Luck out in the hills. So we’ve done that then. We pin stripe from that pretty much straight up to watson with two three days there and man we just got Oh god like we will work up this bait. Not dehydrated didn’t so nice versatile and that’s not a problem. Then this one on a marco. We’re gonna do this interview. Pour out my father. Knock the do’s and don’ts on the on the The oh you can’t do it on your phone and my crap so to get my laptop bat that started pulling my laptop which. I haven’t honestly used my laptop in odd say a year. This is my computer in the office. Or i use my phone i never. I just never use my laptop neville. And i’m not the guy that’s down at starbucks. You know using my laptop and grow up that. I started going to start. Asked me for passwords on crap. God these i once. I send it to me mrs office and i’m like a bad. Can i use you laptop combinator on love to see you down the stop box i do. I do love. Coffee will say that but starbucks can eat it. Yes that’s true i don’t even hardly drink. Coffee coffee’s now bought starbucks coffees crap anyway. But yeah you gotta go down to unlock those.

01:10:00 – 01:15:02

Little mama papa. Stores eight generally at. I have lot the good good coffee normally. I make it with love. Do it’s not just some big corporate shenanigans. It’s lock they take good care and pride in a coffee diesel. Miss alsi coffee. That’s for sure don’t really drink coffee. That probably more coffee in the last month. Then i have had in my entire life. And that’s not. Even an exaggeration had to smash the last month on saw almost sweet sweet too. So that’s probably gonna sam pretty like feminine. But i’ll walk. I love lot is which sands really lime bought doesn’t awesome Don that all all during vanilla tie. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s such a sweet tooth. This has to be sweet honestly altering actually rights came in today with a caramel will and something else. It was awesome. Yeah it was really good man. We’ve got off topic. I wanted to find out owned data about x. games because you have got one of the biggest x. games medal holes from anybody and out of any sport. I think it’s nine gold three silver three bronze. If i’m not mistaken as fifteen of them so that’d be that would then are would be they just trying to think that’s possible to start with and yeah what what would you say. Sorry outside. it’s crazy. We’re just talking about that with twitch and stuff we did interviews Two days ago Like with monster in that will talking about medals in twitches loughgall. You’ve got two more. Because he gets seventeen. He said so goes. I’m like i’m glad we haven’t had x. Game is jammed. been never to take more metals that may announced. But how many goals of you go and he’s is about pharmacy. We’ll have none Good ship but Yeah the the whole excape metal thing is it’s crazy like obviously growing up as a kid. Did you ever think you gotta be next Bought would you be cool to experience it. Yeah would love to do it one day. Yeah but who never knew that. That was gonna happen in the why it happened. Never happen that quick did it wasn’t it wasn’t even like you know i see young kids nowadays like invite me to x. games. Look my with invite me. I deserve an invite x. Games you shooting for this guy you should. They like think that they deserve it and that they should be there and honestly. I never thought that. Because i had happened that quick. Never even expected to go on ever like it was nothing like to me. It was never like a one. Obviously like stu racing. At that time. So i didn’t even really think wasn’t even on your right on. Yeah we’ll see. Freestyle was gonna be my thing. Until i started dabbling in cross st in little shows and stuff like that a an entity like addicts games. Now have fifteen next games. Medals side pretty Especially like out of all ustralian athletes. I have the most medals in aband- a mix rod. That is on paolo. His won one medal down for me and nali to think. I’ve got the most medals. Out of all the athletes of bain the x. games i’ve got the most And fire off taking more medals in some americans have canal in in my discipline in my infre- stall lock Arkham update with the top with travis. Pastrana the Almost of almost got more medals than them. So it’s like obviously different disciplines and things like that. I get it medals in It’s pretty nali like I would never really thought it was going to happen. But it’s happened man. It’s it’s so crazy and especially. Let’s i step up for that disciplined. They your competing against the best. Rod is who of ever ridden a dirt. Bike like not just freestyle motocross. Yeah that’s everyone’s in that group.

01:15:02 – 01:20:01

They’re hel- hi. Do you think you could actually get on step up like from where you on. Now what’s holding you back from going. Even higher i think right now. We’ve kind of like with the lip that we have and the jump setup that we have biggest slob gone at x games. The biggest the poll went to full me was forty three but all his jumping probably forty seven around forty seven so i was like that far over the baa when i won so so you’re looking at like you’re looking up to almost a fifty foot. Mark is possible. It is but it’s depending on the leap Help shape than that if it’s perfect if it’s soft if it’s hod he’s got traction on all it all depends all things vary so much so we’re kind of at where we’re at now what i’ve noticed off to like the back to back years of winning at that hot. Like the forty three mock. The thirty to forty five is kind of where we’re at all that ran out. That’s for twelve foot lip so renna had recold. They pretty much really about it. It’d be sick if x. Games actually led us. Try and get a record like hold that record. But it’s almost like they don’t want us to like it’s almost like they want it with notes super weas- these the he. Yeah so it’s like the year. The one forty three in a seventeen. I think it was that was pretty much. Bateman is brian. Deegan was like. Hey you need to give like two. Espn like Jarryd unique. Go set the bar up. Forty seven. So Jarryd can get get the record because all would actually had the record office. Mola lip like a like a two foot small lip which makes a massive difference in step up with a two foot extra lip. You know what i mean so but i never built that. That type of jumped. I never build it again. The only at that one on renegade. A record of not doing it for that reason not about renegade a record off of the fourteen foot lip and then after that. They’ve never built a forty foot lip again. So do not want. Who would. Who would know why they do. A one of the things is crazy. Like honestly i love x. games that guy be the best opportunity charles like. It’s a dream come true. Like to have a medal in metals wedlock man. I wished i listened to us. Rod is more like wanted to be more involved with us rather than just using us to make the show rather like if they could use to help with the show more. I think we could make it more entertaining. Things would be better. But i don’t wanna go down that far to fall because i don’t have been bridge but But yeah i like. There’s a lot of things like a lot of cool. Things could happen with that like we could dick this many things off with how we could make step up. Go bigger and bet up but obviously at the end of the diet. It’s people that are invested in so getting them together to try. Pull the strings on some big things would be. It’s it’s not easy anymore so The sports definitely changed a lot. So but yeah it would be out love to try. Get a record of what. I just think it would have to be would have to be. You’d have the things you have to say the standard so would it have to be over forty foot lip now because off that because you couldn’t you know like you say he has the record on something that’s changed. You know what. I mean like if we’re rotting twelve foot lip and he has a record on a fourteen foot lip than he only has a record on a Lip he doesn’t actually have the record on a standard size. You know what i mean so it kinda makes it kinda weird like it’s like kinda bullshit it’s like you got a record on something that’s never been built again so none of us get that opportunity to do that. You know we need to do then. We need to see fourteen footers. Exactly that whole thing is many four fort list. Just fancy question. What do you need to do exactly. So that makes it possible Yeah so so that’s step up with we’ve righted. The wrongs on step up. Yeah quarter pipe.

01:20:01 – 01:25:05

Now that’s all there as well but donna’s well unquote apart highest and yet a pretty nasty crash gar. What’s what’s the difference between you’ve got you’ve got the skills you’ve got the stall you’ve got the experience but then you’ve got guys like corey craig coming in and just smashing that thing. That has called me tyler. An axle yup. whatever else. what’s the difference. Obviously there’s a massive difference is a completely different rams completely different thing but yeah have you have you found. Maybe you’ll reason as to why you didn’t get hundred percent I think for me not to say excuses but this things at different from as One none of those gaza up there have had bad crash. Like i did so in. The back of their head is not everything. So there’s no via the Once you’ve crash something it’s in the back of your brand it a None of them have actually had a nollie hospital trip from a quarterback. When i have so everyone competing against is already ahead a step ahead as far as mentally with that because it’s funny because when i started quota popeye one monster cup quarter. Pop began all bells the first contest. We have had an i want. It wasn’t easy. But i did win it and Than what one of the first people to do a trick on the quarter pop was west. Iag which was a double can. And i was one of the first people to do a proper lot. Big trick off like a sake grab. My confidence was amazing. I was doing seat grabs off. The court applied jumping high. Getting up there with hot and also on a two stroke which helped me back a little bit but After the crash that honestly just made me step back a little bit So i dealt with it for a couple years took much use stroke bad just to be in a position to to maybe bring my bring my confidence back in and then i moved to the four stroke which was a massive confidence boost us so now the truck which is abed block full that contest. Yeah i think this. The crash was one of them Obviously the the block having the right black Was another one. So now that i’ve got others two things Out of the Feeling a little bit more confident but then also having three different disciplines like Not too many of them broad three different disciplines. You know like And do well. So i like a farm focused on step up which is to me. That’s that’s the best event in x games. It’s the most legit event inex- games like every other events not to me. It’s not that real lack best without best whip is starting to figure itself out but along took a long time to figure itself out. ’cause was fake. It was honestly fake. It was about following and things like that and now people are starting to pay attention to the weapon. How big it’s going in and voting for right so now started to feel a bit more legit but at the end of the day when you have a step up you hit your app. You don’t hit it you win so there’s not. There’s no judges kind of like kind of manipulating it. There’s no friendships like that. It’s like you hit the ball. You’re out you don The quarter pot begins a little funny. Because it’s a computer system. That measures like santa mass. So economists had odd because you literally measuring the santa so that slack not where the highest part of your head or your black is or the lowest pot. It’s like literally like the the biggest imagined a black glove flying through a knife on the dead center over. So yeah quite interesting exactly is have you go to different bike from step up to quarter pa or the same bike and running his. Yeah just doing the same thing honestly. Just run on the same. Click is like i honestly. Haven’t you know like someone like corey. Who’s dedicated to mainly just began quarter pot. That’s his focus right like that’s it so it’s a little bit different disciplines you’re putting you’re putting time into different things.

01:25:05 – 01:30:02

So like his focus is quarter plot began. Marfo cus is now is more step up than best whip. It’s okay to like you can jumbo two of them but when you try to jumble all three of them over three days the x. games like it’s pretty neilly like audience sleep at extremes i don’t sleep i have the worst not sleep and as just my brain at not just ticking like about the event like i’m just not necessarily know this Need to win. i need to win. What am i go to do to win yet. And you stop picturing all this stuff so three days. The last event is normally quarter pot By that third day you just burnt out toast like you’ve either won an event you’ve lost an event so you’ve gonna take in like you’ve had a hall you’ve had a low in slack is pretty hard to jumble three events over three days so For me i just kinda struggled law There’s a few different things i’ve struggle with at. I just haven’t All my focus into that one event. So where i put focusing the lockstep with so yeah. Do you think in all of those sleepless nights has anything you thought of actually help to win or just just all it. Why yeah exactly yeah. It’s worse if i wish i could go to x. games in like every night i could just be like put to sleep lock with a needle or something because it’s just like it’s Stressful ’cause like think about like you know. I did fall back to back years winning. Step up so lack Fourth run in a row. And so it’s like the nerves get nali or nollie because now you defending yourself so you don’t wanna lose best. Whip spain off contract to lose now like not to learn. Not that i’ve lent to lose bought at the stop a lost when i thought i should one then i got to the point or winningham and wasn’t a now. I’m at the point. Where i’m still hanging on said slack you i’ll Arrived sugata good weapon that in some way but sometimes we bring the game and sometimes i’m not the best on that day so you know you have to put on the shoulder in baylock. Didn’t win today like pulpit. Like take it like. It is what it is like. Just fucking taika. you know. It sucks but you just have to learn tigers and and that’s where i’ve got to getting older in the sport. Some young kids coming up with some guys of the same age as me. The still killing it They con- came into the sport. A bit lighter so they still kinda feel fresh to it whereas on more of an og started so young in the spot so it feels like. I’m like a veteran. Even though. I’m not ridiculously old. In the sport. If that makes sense daughter leslie all media really making imagine with trump. Parsons must be thinking of. He listens to this. Try to came into it so much light on. Probably hear my house now. He’s about to turn up soon. But yeah but it’s like yeah. He’s my mind because he came into ladakh into best whip but then he’s why oda is as old as twitch all it’s like he’s so it’s kind of funny. It’s like sorry. Sorry state if you get offended but more about them boys as well fuck. Have you pushed the yet over you at any forty on not yet. I’m close enough though. I’m late thirties. Thirty seven this year. Say he’s still pretty. I’m not all index. Tom tom We’re talking about age on the weekend. Told his exactly ten years older of the me not to the diaper in years twitch ten years older than me and jeremy mcgrath is twenty years older than me. Fire as easy isn’t born eighty-one mcgrath. Born seventy one one. No why must be like what’s that. It’s tom really threes. Older to the may man. He’s yeah he’s looking rough for three years old of all four. He’s thirty is while while he turns forty this year.

01:30:02 – 01:35:10

So twitch turns this year in november. And tom passan’s i think is lighter in the years. Well hypo done upset tomas that now he’s actually with with best webs what. I was wondering. Obviously everyone’s gonna ask you about winning. Best whip and blah blah blah. What i wanna know is you actually completely did down. It looks like a backflip. Are you ready to take that to a full barrel roll to have you done it. Oh now is this. A secret awesome research in the other day off mental by canal. One of the snowmobile up north was doing barrels. Like i say they do barrels. All the time on snowmobiles and office because of the track system that the gyros of the wheels that they’re able to do it as i man. I’ve got some ideas in my head about maybe ties and things like that. That might be different. Not make that trick were Like some tips. That i might have. But i know it’s a weird one I reckon saints some guys back in the day be pretty damn close to a barrel. I dunno was like man who are some of the uruguay is like page. I’m not pages with maybe I like alp had did. What have you learned how to massive flip. Yeah and that was almost a barrel. It’s like nowadays like i love. People like to be so sick to do a three sixty three. Excuse me so sick to see some real tracy. You haven’t seen like tom. Pages will like lukac yet. Like oblivious to like luke ackerman like i you really think that like that trick hasn’t been done and that trick is being done a lot of times and there’s a guy that can do it consistently right now like i get it like the night. Atoms bilko three sixty in time. That will pretty legit. Bilko them travis. They’ve done some pretty legit larry johnson. I would never locked consistent. But i will i don juan here and there are a few here and there but i never like that. Never locked luke ackerman. You know what. I mean like to me. Luke ackerman is streit be maxwell mountain block style three sixty automotive so he just muscles that thing around law do just walking. He’s massive. I don. I don’t offer just because of his body or whatever but he gets. I’d never seen anyone turned the baas back the other way Just just for fun. So so he’s done it like he’s done a three sixty like the three sixty has made dumb. It’s dumb it’s stamped it’s done. It’s paid him so to me. It’s not no matter who does it from now on it’s been done but The bowel role. I think it may have been done like to made those videos of what i’ve seen in the past. I think it’s being don. Could it be done a little different. Some different style. Maybe but i still feel like it’s kind of being done. It’s like funny like we were looking at like video video day. One of the boys post it was called raw posted in it was a guy in nineteen ninety-one on an iron eighty. Doing a backflip. And that dude was very. That was the very first person to do a backflip on a motorcycle. His opprobium x-rayed and he did a backflip. But no one ever heard about that. No one’s seen it not. That same dude was the first person to do. A quarter pot automotive. He wrote a skateboard big horta pot. Like half pot on moto an edit on an iron eighty the same block the same dude and no one and it’s like no one knew better there are only talking about it now like i didn’t know i ninety one this program extra was buried. Dude you got to watch the video toby’s instagram. The guy’s helmet falls off on the first attempt. He done it back tomorrow on a would ran to and you know then you hear like economy as me but at slack.

01:35:10 – 01:40:04

Everyone loves even. Don’t get me wrong in when he was his thing like. When he was the deal he was the deal. Carry hot yeah. He did the very first back flipping competition. You know people that he’s around the influence he just like him because he was such a big name so famous he literally took away from everyone else. Like a waco to before carried hot. Did a backflip in the competition. I think it was caleb waddell. Somebody like a guy did it to a spa a week before the guy never got spoken always never been put out there. He’s ever stories. Never really being told and he was the first person to back up a full sized black mind. You gotten ten years before a guy did it on. Ira mighty those guys any nothing block. Because they weren’t dating pink or they want someone super famous. You know what i mean. I could complete bouche. It’s get me wrong. carry out. Didn’t competition he was the first one and that was amazing that that time was like. Whoa what the heck i. If you had a known about the two people that did it before him. Would it be different. You know what. I mean way different and it’s just crazy to think like the people that have done that trick before aren’t of just never had any recognition for what they had done. A were the first people ever to do a backflip. And and the big deal is who’s the first one to do it and travis was trying it and others obviously trying it and oh man. I’m looking three colby’s instagram right now. Account find don i wear. It is if it’s any fade or maybe it’s real what’s in looking through video on stories osama not an. I have to check it out. Oh if a job a job for another dime. I when we get off this call do my research because Anita nall that new anita find the guy that did it like it was a pro. Bmx rutta then. He’s obviously going to have a nine. So i wanna financing because area are. I’ve got the senate right. i’m watch on whiten. Where is he cannot be a area almost two messages on instagram Messages gar got woke. Do all why. What the brewers off season you no. Hey say jose janas pulling the actual first backflip on a dirt bike back in nine hundred ninety one. It was the first backflip on a bmx bike. Shoutout outta early two thousands. Bmx rally. that is saw now. He’s just flies off on that. First crash led his sorry crazy timber and timber operandi timber. Landing flat as hell insane. That’s so crazy. I reckon if you win if you went back through colby’s instagram frigging date black soup. A date haywood posed about the guy on the On the suzuki. Just getting ed out on a quarter plot will man if hopefully it’s the same do then i can. Maybe you can find that through that. I’ll just do a bit of a such on amazon again. Say janas the yard man. We’re learning something. I did not expect to get schooled today. That was yeah to mind on my back to say the norway. What’s this why. This is the first ever air on a quarter pot. Check this out. This is not video this photo know why is it. The same thing is assigned. Did it looks like it has to be. I eighty. that is so cool in that not man.

01:40:05 – 01:45:09

What was that. Kobe nacho games official practice today i did. I didn’t see that miss that post firearm usually pretty under these things but man you have it today so this actually might be different dude. Because i’m saying a ninth called bob call on a suzuki. But okay remember bulb cole. On a suzuki saint picks of in one hundred eighty that of the same name so that might be different dude but he was saying that if that dude’s talking about another doodoo shit like that. What the hell. Yeah exactly and no one knew. No one new man. You are full of info today. That was Fuck that’s crazy. You’ve blind them on. They are people to come and go on and carry climbing a ten years later on occasion. If it’s an idea what it is like. The doesn’t thought it was possible that you’ll carry. Yeah right on the way in the hell did this. Come from a decent why it is him so says this guy said hill sacked. Joe unislamic kapalua. This this is. He did the first backflip. So that Says did the him and ball with the first backflips on the eighty ramp to ramp in ninety one. So bob call and joe while they both did it in ninety one many people did it. Not just one true saguenay. They’re really credit for doing the back. Our holy shit. Just just coal. Jarryd McNeil when you need a history lesson. Yeah talking i ask a lotta questions for a raisin now you get yourself in a lot of trouble too. I bet always told me. Call me questions. it’s like man. I just tried taking as much as i can. That’s awesome hell. Much time of you got because i haven’t even got started. Murdy an hour and thirty into this thing. Mike allen gallon for it because i wanted to get into the freight freightliner. We haven’t even gotten to the cool stuff yet. Because i wanted to talk to you bad diggers. That was really the reason why i wanted to talk to you. And we’ve been talking about the whole arm far out dead dig as you will. Well we can start on digs. We can just start on. Dig is in general. Because obviously you’ll working with cat you’re working with caterpillar now like that is any kids dream right. How in the world did you end up doing that. Honestly it’s super hod but cat is not easy to to get a deal like to to work with general it’s quite hod so I have a sponsor of mon- steel-wristed on brand ambassador for that end which is at three sixty two detachment Long story short. I got to do a show. Nacho circus said that the guys from steel risk wanted to come out and see the show. So basically went to nacho circus show and the whole crew was from still risks with their i got tickets and everything and i met a sales rep in That sales rep works for caterpillar so He put in some woods for me in caught. Got to go. Like i was lucky enough to take my dad out to tata. Which is the proving grounds testing grounds. Where i tested heavy equipment. But then i also have a training facility where they train operators mechanics connor run them through a whole big training complex and so i got to take my dad. They threw a connection that i had an idea to meet those guys. In ghana. one thing led to another basically Working with damn Put me in touch with certain people in marketing and things like that At the end of the day all love to get a sponsorship from at the moment. I’m just you’re just working with them. Working on like some creative videos stuff that i’ve done with them and Yeah just trying to try to move my way up the ladder to try and get a sponsorship but I’ve had some really cool projects like last year.

01:45:09 – 01:50:01

At the very start of covid around this connects which is a big construction expo. I that’s huge as huge to do a lot of stuff with caterpillar around that event end. Actually to build specically. My law my dream show but one of the guys from caterpillar. Tanada came to me with an idea about building a track and building it in front of the crowd. So basically built a live Moved three thousand tons of the in and ally. With the biggest mining truck load is all the way down to a skid steer excavator and we moved three thousand tons of basically built a track from dead scratch and from that we may Basically i would be out there with twelve other operators operating but the crowd doesn’t know they know what we’re building but not out there and Basically come back from building the course pull out the back. Jump on my block and come flying out into the track and yeah put it put on a show for him and those of the coolest thing ever to be able to operate a pace of equipment in a show and then go out and actually show the crowd. Hal works on a debt bike as a dream of mine. My that’s the biggest best drama. The had i it came through so has pretty sick. Man at the crazy thing is of. What the official video with looked awesome. Then i found like just somebody must have filmed it from the crowd and they stuck it up and it’s about twenty minutes and twenty minutes. You just watching machines going back and forth back and forth and there’s the load the wheel load of pulling dirt out of the hill. It’s basically pulling out a car every time at dings in not much the non more non. Four k yeah. I think that was the why said and biggest loaded i make it was pulling data then then was like maybe four five six dump trucks mining dump trucks like not little ones but mining dump socks just to to dumps and that’s a landing or done and as i was watching the video are realized the half of the machines in the want even moving like i would just there for like just to sit there. Only she did. That’s the stuff coming and going. And i like switching atm machines so one would get knocked up an end that used another one just on display like to look cool on dysphasia and Pretty sweet like it as a pretty big deal this mainly they were confident that we’re going to build a motocross track in one hour. If they didn’t use those machines we had we had one. Allah end like Couple months before and basically we built we went out. We got a design on paper that we wanted Than twelve may twelve rights when out built the costs that we wanted and then i left went home. A knife. The aboard out there People withdrawing to gps it so basically in the in the in the video if you watch it on youtube they the machines have old jps technology and him so it’s like old grade control so all the jumps were built exactly the same every time like pretty pretty close to exactly the same there in the exact same reason at pretty much molded. Exactly the i just had to come through. And do the final grade on them with the skid steer to make him exactly how i wanted him but the gaps on every. Jump the hype every job. Everything was the exact same in the same exact location like identical and we built that Four different times plus the first time that we built it so they could. Gps bought Yeah basically they would. Gps withdrawn type that that Drone footage what they had like with the special drawing the tax like measurements right. That would three day map it into program and put that in the equipment so the bulldozers excavators greatest they all had. gps technology. That was literally helping them build the job. Holy shit yeah she.

01:50:01 – 01:55:01

Because i’m actually. I was just talking to your member rocket from red bull de diggers. Yeah there was the driver. He just started a new job to die and just threw a video of him sitting in a little day. Five or something like that and he’s like it’s full. Gps’s i do. Yeah he goes. I just have to go forward and back this thing. Does everything else like really look. Maybe that’s what Jarryd was all can obey. That’s using exactly that the blind or just shape it out exactly how you wanted it. So this was a question had for roka. He didn’t know yet because he just thought of this job today. Like just on a cop building. A cow pock arrived and something like that. Yep if let’s okay so he’s in a if you’re driving along in a darva and it’s all. Gps marked you are like you know when you put the the blade down and catches like something a bit hot or hits a soft spot and at bites seen what happens when you bought into a different it. Does it automatically. It’s does dollar. It doesn’t body. Nah it just it. It doesn’t because when you push with the data and you know when it bought seen as because you you’ve put that little too far the computer Down a bit of a hill and you put. The biden starts going down further rot. Yes so it. Early cuts grade from the stop. So thirty cutting. That cried the whole time. It doesn’t. it’s not like trying to repair when you dig into daping have to pull it back and you kind of back up and start again. It’s already pulled the perfect grade so the tracks are always flat on that grade. So there’s not like constantly doing it now i even sign Disloyal with the will working with clay than had big rocks in it. And i could see that it didn’t bother a just pushes it. Yeah it’s it’s yeah can nali. How good technology the road but the road right off the the big blythe. It’s on like that really long. Six-wheeled top thing they normally do all the roads and Also when all’s cat lost two weeks ago i’ll went back outside today but That would just show me the. Gps on a road grader. How that one works which they use that same thing in the show by never had enough time to sit there and look at how it works and they did a cold of sack right at the end of a road. That was out of that making doing a full a school that i will doing next week. So that had to make a cold sack out of debt and owes the the has to do is drive the machine in a circle and and the blade. the blade will go up and down. But i don’t know if you know that a road grade obliged can actually slide it across like out further an end so go if you’re driving and you’re getting further away from it. Your turning to shop the blight will go all the way out to the line on the gps exactly where it needs to be the whole time. Holy out out even touching anything did it. it follows an imaginary line. Exactly how the computer is and the blithe will always stay at that hot at that pitch at that link fail no matter wall man. That is inside. Yeah if you like twenty feet off the mark the blind. Couldn’t rachel away but you know you have to be within five fatal. Whatever that for the blind to make those big movements but it just stays in like dude honestly one day. One die in the future. I’m stating at now. Supercross will say. I have enough will be here or not still on earth but as far as supercross one day. If it’s still going report derived will report rising electric ball. I but the tracks are probably going to be built with this technology that we will playing and we were the first people to play with it. So it’s gonna be pretty safe. I guarantee the future has going to be computerized machines building a track. Exactly the same. What they’ll take is they’ll take the equipment out there and the thing will be perfect bill. One that pro. And you don’t even need any wanda drive it. Just yep block it’s gonna get it’s gonna get Stuff replying with was in insane. Like eight like.

01:55:01 – 02:00:08

I was driving excavator from joystick control. Packed it was at my waist. Like really yeah just like digging just sticking to like dig into Deckchair logs in does joystick in her. Twenty excavator. digging to change. We’re in. We’re in las vegas at connects driving an excavator in a in a simulated taught seat. But a real escobedo that was in in tucson arizona. Yeah like eight or seven hour drive or whatever six drama. Whatever way driving a bulldozer in a of that was like halfway across america in another in a in a building inside a big shed in peoria caterpillar from a drug a bulldozer. in a shed drive a drug loda. Lotta in another place in another area in another deal. Driving excavated in another place in another area of america old from these controls walkman sitting there watching it watching a big screen and it just shows you law view of you operating it and you be doing it. All from alison. allison away. You don’t even have to be in the vicinity of the machine. That is so ridiculous. Because i don’t even do video interviews for this podcast because my internet is so fucking bad. I can’t even get voice and Like audio and video out and back in your driving. Fuck it does driving they. There’s a big I think it’s something. It’s a big big expo in in. Germany actually led zeppelin and all them. They have a big news at it. But it’s like a massive expo in your in germ in europe as assignments. Connect in vegas. But it’s in europe. They will driving a bulldozer. That’s in tucson a caterpillar over hia from germany. Nar why from that must be where all the internet is. Because i don’t have any at my house. I wish i did that. Isn’t that crazy though. Driving bulldozer in america from germany. That’s so ridiculous. I did an interview the other day with harvey and there was like a four second delay between every sentence that i said nay said it took me a digest to edit everything the yeah delight harped. Today’s this is pretty good with you and all out of town which is weird because hobby leaves in town cries service would be good but to be honest. I’d say of mind because it’s such an issue ye. Oh man we’ll come back to. The dig is dr tobin the gps and stuff like that. Do you think if you said you’re using that stuff. Now they’re not using that technology to build a supercross track right now. Let’s say the soup crosses on every weekend right now. they’re not using. Gps no not at all not. That’s all that’s all just like. Yeah that’s yeah. That’s blocked field by measurements like they. Mock measurements in that Far as jp now okay the other part of that video card the corner expo video that you did. You’re talking about and are like this pot you’re talking about the blue collar workers and and it got me thinking because that is one thing let’s say growing up like my old man told me just get out of here and go to university and get an education and just get off the farm. Because there’s no money he and he was right. There was no money in in dairy farming especially queensland to dry probably money down south you told me about the blue collar work is and and i just wanted to get your opinion like just elaborate on. You’ll feelings of that because man if you’re looking for something to do like about making a living let’s earning money union for six and a half years. I didn’t own a dollar uni and then you gotta go on at light a bit. If you’re doing blue collar job driving a dig something like that. You’re at outside having fun in in fucking cool mcshane. Yeah and that’s something trying to push right now. I guess yeah for me. It’s like. I never wanna be in a scar ause cd building because it just sucks so And that’s how.

02:00:08 – 02:05:17

I feel like most colleges push people who is to go to go to the city and officer vienna country boy Construction like if. I’m going to be in the considered i’m going to be working instruction which as long as i’m a machine on care the environment around me but you know you’re not gonna put me in an office desk with computer a just. Don’t think it will fly but you never know things could change. who knows. I may pick up a computer on. I think that’s the cool thing to do. Dry right now with as far as getting involved with that kind of stuff. I suppose the the closest thing for may be computers in grade control like gps technology. That’s something. I’ll have to learn if i’m going in that in that in that way eventually but its construction saw something that ought to be passionate about not wanna learn But as far as yeah. I mean familiar looking at what i see. Australia’s a lot different You said that your dad sent wanted you to go to college in. i think stryer. It’s not as bad as in america where kids push to go to college like like. Obviously you were but not push to do it but you told go to college or whatever and i feel like we’re not like that i feel like it’s you know we we have the option parents. Say hi. do you think you should go to college. Like might be an option by blah. But i feel like most ozzy parents aren’t like you’ll go to college. You have to go to college. You need to get a degree. You need to be smart. You donate go do that. She d job baba and in america. How white america bad with that. Like are you going to say i was gonna say not definitely. I’m sure dad only said that because he newroz headed. Because i was i would work harder to dodge work on the farm so he probably thought best. You just got a uni boy because fucking cut the milking cows. Because i hated milken cares. Yeah if i could drive all day. I would not exactly nope no way exactly. And that’s it for me like identify. While i look at it is buildings out gonna be built. Houses are gonna be on housing pads cows out gonna walk in fields paypal gonna eat food and if you don’t want to do those jobs in good luck surviving because those jobs is what makes us will run you know paypal hike. Construction will guess what body you house is built by contractors the path that you house sits on is built by a piece of earth moving equipment the the groceries that you get in the stole come from a fall and familiar growing up from what i see is enough farming. The government in astrology turned out farming crap. They ruined it they. They ruined dairy farming ruining farming in general. They’re all see people that went to college. I have no idea about where the food came from. Health grows out gets to the supermarkets. And i just don’t give a shit about us and for me mob. Biggest thing is trying to get kids in young people in girls boys whatever it is into construction into farming into the blue collar job because at the end of the day the people that make the world run by the people that put their awesome the law to prove to make food to build houses to do all that stuff that everyone uses but they just talk shit on us in our that. Call us uneducated all of this crap. But it’s edited the die without us with the blue cau- it’s nothin’ so may in writing i think can use rotting is a tool to to build a fan base and eventually when moving construction in that maybe people will get bored by can make it fun for people to want to come and watch me move into a different area and an area that i’m passionate about an area that i sees k to the world functioning help functions so yeah i guess that’s what camilla’s you’re following the blue cola. Working iowa is a love working hard. I love being in that environment. I feel the people in that environment or exactly. Lock us by especially in the motorcycle world. All the all the outdoor kind of action sports or off-road world we all kind of are in that role in construction and farming building. You know that’s that’s kind of al group of people. So yeah i guess i’m just using mocking following stuff to be out a push an show kids that you can’t do these things that they are fun that they are good that you can make good money like i watch people go to college come out of college with two hundred thousand dollars debt and then working at mcdonalds like what the fuck is that.

02:05:17 – 02:10:05

That’s not a life you’ve gone and got a degree in some massive degree and it’s meant to be really good for you and then you get out and you’re working at some crappy ass job that i mean data die. You have a job. So that’s amazing. But what degree did that get. You like your parents told you should go to college and now you’re working at mcdonald’s like really like what about you. Leave school jumping construction. Make two hundred grand a year. Have a house have a family heavily. These nice things. Not student debt You have a loan your house. You might be in debt but laced. You’ve got something to show for not not going to college for the next ten years to pay off your student debt. Like what law is that. Like why would you want. Kids set up like that if the kid chooses to go that route and wants to be a doctor or something like that. That’s awesome but you should never push push that like. I feel like especially in america. I push that on kids. And i think that’s one of the biggest downfalls years that that they think locked in education. And that’s leaving that you have to go to college in fatah over a bunch of people for one job. It’s lock it. I’m not into that definitely. Sounds the roman tallahassee on us. And we’ll i guess there’s a couple of points because one you have used your platform because i’m just watching you dig stuff on instagram and honest. It gets me excited. Sorry what i found myself doing since we were at dirt diggers almost two years ago. Now i came back here to where i’m living. And renting from fob ian and he’s got the tiniest little bulb cat and a little bobcat excavator like skid steer excavator and honestly. The kids toys like a wheelbarrow and shovel and put a motor on it. That’s about you’ve got. Yeah but i just got back from there. I just felt so much better just to get them. Shame just dig around. It’ll take me two hours to mold the smallest John bought it feels good. I’ll be sitting here doing my work on my laptop old along in the office. And then i’ll get to like two o’clock three o’clock in my raw had enough of this shit i’m gonna rod push by up to the jumps up to the track and i’m just gonna do two hours in the machine and all finished that i’m like yeah. That was a good day. Actually like in the machine having fun and saw. If you hadn’t gone in machines you would been like five thousand. That worked just. Yeah just exactly like i love what i do. I i have the best job bonds just do you think is because like you you like. I guess this is how i’ll look at it like i see you on you. Spend a lot of time on the computer like you. You’d spend a lot the time and twelve hours a day yet. That’s you just trying to organize an event right now. The accomplishment at the end of that is the event on the day when it’s right so like you’re organizing show sponsor like all this stuff old will build up all the build up. Boom show happens all you kick back and you’ll we killed it right schlock. We just show together way down. That was amazing. That’s the -ccomplish But at the end of every day building up to that is not an accomplishment. Like oh i just got an email done. Any responded art where move into the next step. You might get a couple of exciting emails where it’s moving forward. That’s the excitement when you live. Will you to come. You look at a flat pace agree on you. Stack the dirt you mold and then you sit back and you’re like man idea the knauss job but that was a good days work then you gotta you arrive and have to. That was a sick days. Work one built. Jump on one of the dream dream delve and i built it. Now just jumped it like that. You say that that’s going to be you. Were ’cause but in a construction saw in a construction sought atmosphere too. You know you lie pop and all that stuff in your life man. I did look look back to. The cop are just finished. Look at the look at this. Look at the channel. I just don look at like you get a mold. Burt and like just a good satisfaction with that right absolutely. And that’s the thing like all like i said i’ll go there all finish off the jump like just the other day like at the bottom of one of the.

02:10:05 – 02:15:07

It’s pretty much the biggest jump that we’ve got on the track where they had it. It’s going up and so you landing and then it’s you still stepping up the whole way and the water of course always sits there was never done with proper drainage and again. I’m in a toy like this thing. Com can move anything. So i guess i did. Three hours couldn’t see a thing the sonnet oregon down at started snowing and all. This is there with this little tawny lot. And i’m like yeah. I think of a good angle on here rick. The the water should be able to actually drain off yet. This should be fun. I haven’t actually going back to say it’s been a couple of days now to say it in daylight to save. I completely screwed this thing up on. But but yeah. I’m riding my bike harm and what that was fucking cool in the you know. It’s pitch black now. It’s freezing cold. It was bought. It was a good day. Good day on the machine. Yes sick a lot of fun spot like a almost like. I’m glad that like as a young kid. That dad got me obviously as a young kid. I applied with the toys so the first opportunity. I’ve got to drive a tractor or excavator super young so got being driving an excavator since i was eight years old. So it’s like knowing it’s one of the things. I love toy tractors. I still collecting data this day on. Thirty is all but it’s something on super passionate about end. I’m so glad that my dad growing up on the farm. Let me use of the young age. Because it’s like now i’m older it’s like that’s what i wanna do after rotting. That’s what i’m doing now while riding. It’s like that’s it. that’s life to me. That’s that’s it like. I’m living the dream whether it’s rotting blocks will moving to give all the best of bars will. It’s actually just a quick before we leave. That are to remember being eight years old jumping on the tractor on the farm. I remember it was hooked up to the pay. tr folded. And i’ll just just turned it on. I thought i was going to go for a draw. Ivan went completely fucked the the dip pump. ’cause just up the patriot. I didn’t even think that are just belted. Built around the back of the head. That water. Not on i wasn’t pumping water was just hooked up. Just driving around with dislodged guy for driving. The bearings overheated don absolutely don and a was scared of the track for about a year off to that. Because a little off. I kick up the yeah. I’m gonna have to check everything before a drive this thing offer. I’m gonna get belted for anyway moving on so. Yeah we’re talking about. We only touched on it quickly. But red bull dutt diggers over here in germany. You came over for that. One and this is i want to talk about. The dig is again for that yet. But something cool and this is more for the free stalled riders who listening all the ones who want to become a pariah. There was just something different. When i vote what i finally could get you to come because those a little issue they anyway sponsors us all i managed to get you over and you said I need to send my suspension mail. And i was like oh okay. would fly in with this suspension. So you booked a completely separate Hat doing something law that. Oh shit my pants. Knowing that i just sent my suspension away and i wasn’t there to pick it up. Is that something you do all the time for shows. Yeah because ally in basically bicycler lock since september eleven and all that crap that went down. All the flying in america’s just gotten hotter and hotter like securities nali. Whatever you travel with is just got nadia. It really really sucks and being a professional athlete traveling around the world all the time with suspension. You think like all your professional athletes. It’s okay like you could fly with it but they try make it up. It’s explosive and all this other stuff win. Notch trajan actually puts out. Flies in is not really a massive flammable liquid. But they don’t understand what we fly with. What we do is a profession. My basic algebra motorcycles isn’t even professional sport. a net. Even make money doing it but there that’s just a german woman said when i went from as she. She denied my visa because she said riding. A motorbike was a hallway. Not a job. So anyway. I take a serious move even got bigger balls than Yeah it’s just like a stupid by suspension so.

02:15:07 – 02:20:01

Lax is one of the worst airports in the world and That want is one of the reasons. What’s the worst airport in. The world is because they say what. Let us fly with any suspension So basically yeah we have to send it off It sucks to because it’s like a is it gonna go missing is gonna make it there on time blah blah blah. You just never know about. That’s the gamble. We have to make. Now it’s like we are As soon as rebelled My bat my suspension in my bag. And i brought with me. Flew back to la. August is so stupid like to fly to fly to lax. As long as. I’m getting off the plane at lax. ’cause if you try to stopover. Lax to somewhere else. Take it out. They just they just idiots but But yeah so they just make it hot but yeah i mean that without good. My suspension turned up for that unpredictable. So oh yeah well that was just. It’s just one little thing that i’m sure most people don think oven august you a. You’re the only person who i’ve had to book for a shower that has sent this suspension and actually arrived before you. I think we had a in the hotel before you even got there which was pretty cool. It’s been anyway getting off of that. The best part about dirty again we would dig in and whatever else remember because you only got. They’re pretty light on. Yeah and as soon as you got to that event you’re right. What machine cannot draw and then you turned up and we had a cat three d. And you like that’s more harm and until that sort outside guide. The boys a rundown on that. I didn’t even like the because i’m new. That’s a brand new machine. So that was like i remember giving them like given. Some of the guys are rundown Full like autos days so like the one that you can switch the button to take it off the foot pedals and put it onto a joystick. Steer i remember this thing because skwebe and rocket and i think even simone like they had lost this shit with that machine. They like this thing is so jerky it doesn’t work. And like you know they trying to go down. Pull the arm in or something like that and it was just so jerky the duh would fly out of the bucket. I jumped in like. I’m not an excavator. Drive by any means but it is very touchy. And then you’ve flown in jumped all year ya. There’s just some settings like if we if we had some time and could change the settings until that point. That was like the outcast machine. No one wanted to sit in your own. That’s awesome now definitely. That was sick and then the big one was sick do that that was fun. That was such a quick game like that was cool because like that almost like to really to really cool projects really close to each other lago to do the the caterpillar stuff back here. The a few months light or a bit lighter and and then honestly got to do that a few months before and same thing on the machine. All’s in it to remember like half the dudes have gone home to the hotel on all still out there. Working at nine o’clock at thought are there are back there at the hotel sleep and hanging out with the track crews to move debt. It i mean that’s us. Love donut I think it’s the sickest thing about writing is being able to build in shape and then go and rod that so Dead like win when Finally was able to get to that contest and everything came through and they would let me rot. It was like that was a dream. Come true which was we did. That’s another story like going to like. Know my face. Introduction to nacho circus was like i had like you know matty lewis joel brown crash out. And then i go to spark right so talking about that will burrow lined up for tom. Passan’s the iran. And you know what trump was talking to me about that event leading up to it like to to be sick if you were there as well it’d be so cool but by were so then we go to. I’m not even on the cards at that point. I’m not even. I’m just dreaming about trying to get this and then we go to x. games in norway And tom crashed in best.

02:20:01 – 02:25:00

Whip well rebelled. It was two weeks light up and told them i think separated his shoulder or something did some damage and black basically. He gave me his spot really lock. Well there’s a bit of a weeds. The bearman may have been coming back for it but then he had an A ripple out block van somewhere else. Something actually no not. He was film matter with ravi. Madison l. a. that’s wrought. Yeah so. then they were doing that. So then tom crash so they gave me a spot in dirt dig is which was like maybe my whole life of just been waiting for those people to give this fall but a funny but yeah i ended up getting getting in on that and that was a dream come true to be able to do an event like that and be a part of it. Guan participate in it and then To operate do that stuff in there as well as co man. That’s awesome to hear because even you being there you actually pot of history as well as the track curry like scabby rocket. simone and I will sell the guy’s name. I forgot his name. Hito paid a forget payday because he was doing all the way didn’t want to do so he was moving so much. You you actually shaped that jump with the boys. That luke ackerman did the double backflip on from like until that point. Like i think we had a fucking state but it wasn’t fucking stupid database fucking sway and you just got in there and help shape it big are high steep and look pulled around that double flip not gonna say easy but he got it around duty. Did look like you know. We will rotting that. I hadn’t really flipped too much. Different stuff like flipped a bit of different stuff of my time lock Once the session got started it was pretty sick that we will all backflip in that in like having a good time and like other knows just a that was a really cool job though. Some that stood out for me for that whole contest. Was like you know like a bit nervous about flipping. One kazu’s like you could rotate so easy and sick like everyone just session and then seeing some of the really cool stuff. Go down on that lexin. Big tricks like the double flip. I think pat did like a pretty sight rule flip on nat as as pretty cool present. Yeah not it was. It was an awesome van and pretty much showed what i was hoping it would. And that’s gal is like yourself coming out of the woodwork to build the jumps and then rodham and we saw what happened it. Just the frigging amazing. How did it feel to you. Let’s go to the end of that loss. Die win draw or loss. Had it feel sick as gone tests like like. You didn’t know what to expect. You didn’t know who was going to do what aware and like just haven’t like the flow lan. The free stall pock wanted in the big jumps area like just having the different areas the hulk vibe. I guess just like being in germany rotting something else like riding not just united nacho. Circa show is being there rotting something different. Like just that was also lockup allies. Go onto european road in stadiums and lack that environment and then just to be able to go to europe for something completely different like that. That was one of my trips to europe official man. It was a fucking good time for me. I mean it was stressful but at the end of it. Actually it’s like you said down was leading up to that everything all was doing was just like twelve hour days on a laptop. Yeah just get to that. Lost job when that lost jump was don and way colder online excess. This it yet. This thing is finished like who ligers when a mall agent all well might will. We’ve spoken about it. Definitely was a fair bit and that was the plan. Lost you until covid completely screwed things up. Let’s see hopefully this thing to like cover. That’s like that’s it. That’s what we need now like we need. I don’t think that like what you spoke about. Rfid mx Earlier in the show. It’s like rfid a mexican Why ahead of the game. Could you imagine if our fd mix was around right now.

02:25:01 – 02:30:06

At the time i could like joel brown was doing tricks. Then that probably would have got him an x. Games medal faith but even that event is like what we need broadcasting now. Yeah exactly like they were running a backyard event like when i did fought club at my house last year. That was my whole thing. I’m like this is our if the mixed in backyard contest. This is sick. this is where it’s at. You know what i mean like. They will look ahead of the game. Maybe not in the media side of things like the video saw but as far as having a contest like by the road is full. Dorada’s that kinda like vibe was like they were ahead. It’s pretty sick to be honest outside. They were actually on top of it. With a may cause russel brothers dylan. A- nature. true. They were they were doing by that time at that time ahead of it for sure and all would say the problem light in the fact that there was fought as x. Games right. yeah but for us like our remember treating that like all his trying to win. Games are emba. The one that really sticks out was are empty. Opping i think it was rockhampton and clinton was there jaw brown. Of course everyone was there. But i was up against jal in the semi final. And i don’t know why. I thought i was going to try and bathe him. I’m gonna do the biggest under flip. And i did. I just completely pancake. The thing landed completely saw it. Why and i’ll go watered. I even think i needed to do that. Broaden on gravelly rocky shitty in the middle of norway just for our mates and brothers oriented to great prize money. Maybe even wind non. Maybe it was. Maybe it was a fails. Everybody putting fifty bucks everyone. Everyone was just chop chipping in a couple. A box like fifty bucks inch and you take home. The winnings basically and it was that was x. games to us so and that’s what we want to like. That’s where i’d love to take it now and you’ll sign it because it’s exactly what i’ve been planning on. We just need to make happen at this. Now’s the right time to because like like this weekend that we just did riding with the boys is a massive group honestly like for so long from when i first came to america now like authority was like this is the mecca. This is with Ten years. I’m like where the freestyle what’s going on the way. The guys in the first four years like the first four years of being here. Everyone was he annetta just started getting smaller and smaller and smaller to the point. Where i’m writing in my backyard. Wondering when i’m gonna ever have people oba and that last week it was like this weekend is gone. I was like damn. We’re all still here owns just and you’re more connected now than you’ve ever been in human history. Yeah and you haven’t been catching up and wrong so sweet to catch up and rob with a bunch of people in connoisseurs. Like maybe we could do things that move in and maybe we could do that. Backyard vaa maybe like screw dot stops where i mean honestly that’s where ongoing with. That’s where i think. I could help and have guys like you to be involved in those things happen. I think that’s how it has to happen to be honest like that’s where free still needs to guard the guard at least for now. At least he’s been middle of. Covid like yeah. It’s something that’s no you can do. Bought let’s see my. We’ve been on here for well to. This is the longest interview i’ve ever done. I’ll watch the battery on this guy from a hundred percent. Oh then we’ve been this better very the red zone now up buck exactly what. Totally there is a before we. Let’s finish this thing off your ride by two stroke or four start did. That’s a hard question. Seven percent of battery to get this answer will run everything. Did i like every blackhawk. I haven’t won twenty five to fifty two stroke. Have the two fifty four. I’m full fifties Honestly don’t even know like the a fall wanna go out to the track in are one of rip around the one twenty five. Because i want to have fun. I want to send a Get nali like dislike scrubbing. She’ll just like mode owing hod Twenty five to fifty s so like this two blocks right the like.

02:30:06 – 02:35:03

I have fun writing the tracks on If i’m going out the sand dunes will free rotting in that a lot of pick the two fifty two stroke all the full fifty mainly the full fifty in the sand dunes. But i’ll mix it up with the hills. Let the clay hills or rod to fifty to struggle volpi but free stall to fifty to struggle the. Why haven’t four-fifths too powerful for the ramps for lock it like. It’s just like hundred and thirty pounds. Flying through the air with a full fifty just goes way too far off the ramp for not All moving my black around like the the two strokes so flexible. I just feel salt high on that black loved that blacken I’ll say at Pick the like has like now think of like how much fun i have on the four stroke in certain areas and how much have fun on the two stroke in certain areas bought. I’m gonna go with the two stroke for the two stroke vance. ’cause that’s what i like amy on the two stroke and who doesn’t love the smell of two stroke so yeah. I’ll pick the to shirk legend. That’s what i wanted to let you guy because you probably dan a three percent. Now thank you so much. This has been awesome It’s definitely been long. I would have rather done this person but since norway. We’ll catch up next this way. Yeah definitely did thanks. hiv on appreciate it. This is zoran Thank you so much for tuning in now before you guard. I did a little bit of research on the backflip. Which has blown me away in the middle of this podcast. And i’ve got some news for you. It doesn’t appear to be fake news. Like i said i had heard rumors years and years and years ago about this but i never saw the footage and so it slipped to the back of my mind will probably be more truthful. I just forgot about it so here we go. This is the storyline that i have found so far the first rider to ever do the back. Flip on a motorcycle and landed it android away was jose yon is in nineteen ninety-one it was on an ram eighty and not only. Did he do it and land it. He built a full set up out of wood to make it happen. So the takeoff and landing ole built out of timber. Our mulch saying not even loose dirt. I wasn’t huge by any measure but he did what everyone thought was impossible at the time. What’s even crazier is jose. Perez was also the first rider to do the back. Flip on a. Bmx has not only redefined his actual sport that he was in bmx. With a backflip he crossed ova and did it on a dirt bike and landed the flip and didn’t get any credit whatsoever. Then in one thousand nine hundred ninety three two years later bob cole who was also Bmx rata. he also did the backflip on a dirt bike which was again another. Adc this time it was the honda cr eighty and he did a whole bunch of them. Apparently it wasn’t just the one off them. There was even a photo of someone airing out of. Bmx pipe on an abc. Which i think koby rah upload back in two thousand and nineteen and now it’s starting to make sense. It was a yellow adc. So i don’t know if it was jose janas from the suzuki. He was riding although many people on that. Were commenting that maybe it was. Actually bob call so. I’m not sure that one’s a little blurry at the moment then of course it wasn’t until the year two thousand at gravity games way carry hot went ford on a two fifty full-sized by that we will not. And then there are the two sides of whether he landed or not as he gather orientation but he washed on impact. So where does that leave. Everything in the history books was Carey. Hart mealy the first person to attempt it in a proper competition. Do you believe that landed or do you say he crashed it on. Impact was caleb wyatt than the first person to land a backflip on a full sized bike because he right away from it. It kind of doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things bought. It’s definitely an interesting point in the evolution of not just f- mex- action sports or motocross but for someone to backflip. A motorcycle in general is still so damn nali so you might be saying to yourself. This is also but why the hell did anything about this. That aren’t but what Carey Hart did. Gravity games two thousand is still one of the most iconic things i’ve ever seen.

02:35:03 – 02:40:02

I still to this day. Get goosebumps when. I’ll watch that video. I have goosebumps talking about it now and it actually it propelled sport into the stratosphere from that point. But i did find that. A guy named jason ryan is actually working on a documentary based on the first guy to land the motorcycle backflip jose janas and he created an indie gogo and a gofundme page. And it looks like they’re fairway off their target of what they need to produce a video but perhaps they make it in the near future but the youtube videos looked awesome. And that’s just them talking about the funding for movie which would be titled out of the loop the movie itself. I’m sure would be an epic watch and definitely something to be added to a history of all action sports and motorcycling. Jose yon is apparently still riding his sixty years old still back flipping. Bmx by the look of the videos. I soul from jason ryan. And as he said now is the time to make this video while he’s still riding so if you’d like to help to contribute to make that documentary happen i’ll put a link in the shire nights and you can go straight. They’re also share it on facebook as well. So check out the riders launch facebook. And you can find so much more out there all side so they are. Let me know what you think about this. I’d be really interested to hear from you. Guys your thoughts does count on the adc on kids bike i spewing that the top guys knew about it or potentially knew about it coming from somebody else’s documentary i don’t know about this is what’s being said that they knew about it and didn’t bother to change the narrative throughout the twenty years of fm x. Since Carey Hart did it. Do you think. Jose janas deserves being inducted into some sporting hall of fame and get recognition of what he did. Because Jarryd McNeil when he said in the middle of this podcast and blew my mind. It’s bullshit that we didn’t know about it. Thank you so much for tuning in. Show you support for this podcast channel by hanging around for just a couple of more minutes. Because i want to let you know that without the help. From the roadhouse brewery in germany by partnering partnering with me to create this podcast. I never would have even heard about this and possibly you may have never heard about this either so as you can imagine. I’ll continue researching this story and try and reach out to that filmmaker of this potential new documentary. See if he can shed some more light on it. And you can bet your bottom dolla. I’ll be having a sneaky tendons f. b. as i’m doing my research it almost feels like i’m back at uni having to be while i’m doing my assignment only this time. I actually want to do the research in the show. I’ll put a lincoln and you can find out where to find tendons app flabby in a country new year. I’ve leads the country. I also wanna thank lakes networking for building the new riders. Leon podcast dot com website. That’s where you can find me. Rod is launch podcast dot com. They’re based in australia for majority of their work but with lake security going into national and one of their web. Developer is actually being based in finland and actually kind of doesn’t matter where they are in the world athletics. You are in the world if you’re after website big old small private or even from major business which is actually kind of their normal clients. I’ll put in a link as well into the shower nights. You can go there and ask and see if they can build a website for you as well. I also wanna thank harvey a gas and adam joins for the music in this disaster. Podcasts and i also want to thank pat bowden for the logo design. Because it’s always good to have fm x. writers actually involved in trying to make this podcast work with me. And they’ve provided what they can do. Actually in the sean arts. I will put in links if you wanna find out anything about Jarryd McNeil. Some of the stories. We’ve spoken about his life machinery or anything else of interest and you can also link straight to the riders. Lounge much stole. Wait can choose. Your favorite designs are actually got some specifically designed shuts and merchant mugs. Whatever on the riders on some guests. Even some fans of this podcast. So you can check that out as well in the nights. If you have any questions or comments please don’t be scared to jump on facebook. Instagram youtube tiktok the website. Let me know what you want to hear which affects ride. Is you want to hear from next any other sports. You want to get covid own motocross. Oh anything really. I’m always happy to hear from you guys. Because that’s what keeps me motivated to keep this going.

02:40:02 – 02:40:14

Thank you so much for tuning in and we’ll catch you soon and trust me. I even know. I’ve been talking way too much on this so all going quench my thirst with the nice beer. Catch you later.

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