Another X Games, another year that everyone jumps up and down about the judging!In 2023, Japan FMX Best Trick, there were 7 riders who were gunning for the Gold Medal and this time it was Jacko Strong who took home his 7th Gold Medal in Best Trick discipline, equalling Travis Pastrana's 7 in Freestyle and Ronnie Renner's 7 in Step-Up!Of course, there's always controversy around judging and this time it played out with the two big dogs of Best Trick – Jacko Strong and Rob Adelberg who have enough Gold Medals to sink a ship!They both threw down Front Flip No Handers, and you could very easily argue Adelberg had this one wrapped up. But Jacko won with the 'UnTucked' Frontie.I personally couldn't care less – both riders were freaking awesome and all 7 riders were on their game!But let me know what you think. This is my personal thoughts as I watched it all play out.1. Jackson Strong 96.332. Rob Adelberg 96.003. Harry Bink 95.004. Josh Sheehan 92.665. Taka Higashino 89.006. Adam Jones 86.007. Julien Vanstippen 84.66

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