Tune in to see if you can pronounce Afrikaan’s names better than Riders Lounge Podcast and King of the Whip host, Steve Sommerfeld.To be honest, I was tongue-tied.  Trying to get a name like Dirco van der Westerhuizen out in one go was impossible. I was struggling hard with the South African names and Jacques decided to help out with the pronounciation!If you have ever listened to the 12th Man series which is an absolute piss-take of the Australian Channel 9 commentary team across Cricket mainly and other sports, the long running gag was trying to say Pakistani, New Zealander names for example.  And I had the same feeling like I was Bill Lawry trying to talk to Tony Greig with the doyen of cricket commenatry, Richie Benaud blasting me.Anyway, after all of that, I caught up with one of South Africa’s FMX young guns, Jacques Human to see how he felt bringing new tricks to Montecasino in Johannesburg and if the wind was going to be a factor in throwing down for King of the Whip.

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